The future we desire starts NOW. The responsibility to ensure it happens depends on Us. Every child boy and girl can achieve their dreams if we become a part of them. How can this happen? We are building a platform to ensure everyday learning with ease, fun and a rewarding experience. Our graduates are unemployable as a result crime rate is on the increase.

We live in fear as a result of the unknown. This is caused solely because they are not properly trained and ready to face the world. This is why Mbele was created with the future at heart.

What is Mbele? Mbele, is an educational and e-contest platform reaches. Based on the increasing number of school drop outs we want to make everyone have equal access to education while  having fun,  winning and learning!!!

It is said if you want to hide information from a black man,  put it in a book.  But we are daring to bring this information just a click away.  Our phones are never far from us,  that’s how close we bring education to anyone,  anywhere and at anytime. This is possible with you.

Make It Happen!!!Make It Happen campaign is a public awareness of Mbele aimed at sensitizing the public about our drive to contribute to the educational development of Nigeria, Africa and the world. You can make it Happen.

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