Mr. Donald Duke, former Cross River State governor, has called on  Nigerian youths not to make the mistake his generation made  by not taking advantage of the many opportunities available in the country to  fast track its development alongside other countries and turn it to a developed nation.

Mr Duke stated this, yesterday, in Calabar while addressing youths from Junior Chamber International , JCI, a non profit organisation  led by Princess Ayi Umoh, who visited him in Calalbar and present him a a plaque of award as  an all time role model.

He said, the ages of 25 and 45 are the most active in life and every youth should ensure he gets his bearing right and make contribution to the growth of society.

Donald Duke “At the age of 25 and 45, every young person must do his best to improve on his life and make contribution to the growth of society. Let no one ask you why are you so much in a hurry, Alexander  the Great was 37 when he conquered territories.”

He said that many opportunities abound in the country which any youth willing to make a difference could take advantage of to make a difference.

“In Nigeria, everything is an opportunity which if any youth takes advantage of can make billions out of it but unfortunately, most young people are not tasking their creativity and wants jobs which are not just there, the reason for the high rate of unemployment in the country.”

The former governor said mentoring was an important aspect in a society which will allow the youths to acquire basic success skills from those who are successful but it is being over looked which accounts for slow pace of development in the country.

He called on the youths to take active role in politics which will give them the opportunity to make their voices heard and also impact on society because it regulates everything in life.

“Often, youths do not want to get involved in politics but you do not have to seek elective office but play a role because politics regulate everything in life. Even if you are a doctor, medical practice is regulated by politics,  so you don’t have to be apolitical,” he admonished the youths.

He accepted the plaque and assured that he will  attend the event scheduled for October in Owerri, Imo State,  and will  speak along the lines of making the youths see the importance of making a contribution to the society

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