Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is seen as a key driver of the economy and record has it that SMEs contribute up to 45 percent of total employments and up to 33 percent of National Income (GDP) in emerging economies like ours.

Recently, Business Day online reported it that if certain steps are taken, 37 million SMEs can make more than 47 percent to the gross domestic product (GDP) which is a lot considering the recession.

A report by Heritage Bank in Nigerian Pilot Newspaper stated that: About 60 percent of the country’s population is presently unemployed, while over one million graduates from our tertiary institutions join the army of unemployment people annually. Nigeria must build capacities to develop more SMEs by empowering these unemployed citizens through technical training and financing.

We understand that it is a challenge creating and managing a business presence online when considering the financial aspect and the technicality to do that, then forgetting the essence of being online.

In view of this, McAnderson Associates has developed a solution to create a bridge between the business owners and people who need their services. Running small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria is one of the most difficult things because of the economic environment. It is as a result of this economic environment that many small and medium scale enterprises collapse or are operating on the margins. Several organizations have come up with ideas that have failed but McAnderson Associates intends to help businesses scale up their sales by creating the necessary visibility and awareness they need through an affordable website solution.DAYO

 Importance of SMEs to the economy cannot be over emphasized, we understand that the Market woman who started a provision shop with great deals needs publicity and as a Small scale business it would be difficult to set out huge budget for such, the young farmer that packages peanuts in a trendy plastic also needs to make his brand known. These are some of the factors considered by McAnderson Associates to come up with the package that offers our SME brands that publicity and cyber presence that can help place their brands on the pace to expansion and provide more jobs for the growing number of graduates.

What we do at McAnderson Associates?

McAnderson Associates provide industry-standard support services to mature and start-up businesses alike. One of our objectives is to promote businesses and enterprises with innovative technologies and tools that will increase sales-leads, cyber presence and business reputation. Our approach is to deploy as many digital marketing technologies – Web applications, Social medial Platforms, Search Engine Optimization, blogging, forum advertising etc., directed at target audience and prospective customers of our clients. Our professional developers and management staff work round the clock to ensure best practices and great level of customer satisfaction. Our office is equipped with the right tools and state-of-the-art technologies to get the job done in timely manner with great attention to every detail.

We give every business the opportunity of having their websites for as low as N10,000 for setup and N5,000 Monthly management which gives our clients the Boost to sales lead and at the end of all brand growth.

More information about the organization can be found on our website : or you can call us on +234 (0) 906 040 2719 or 08167161432

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