Just right in the heart of Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, an adjacent view to the famous National Mosque situated a serene, reserved green and eco-friendly area called WoodBrigde Garden and right at the centre of the Garden standing a hut-like masterpiece building with an inscription ‘Amala Korner’.

Amala Korner Building

A closer look at this building one would fall in love with the intricacies involved in constructing this building. Recycled materials such as used car tyres, wine and beer bottles, used table water bottles, unique stones and used egg crates among other recycables were put together in achieving such masterpiece.

It is indeed no doubt that the owner of Amala Korner is an environment conscious person who was probably inspired by nature and sought out to put up an eco-friendly structure like that in this era of climate change with its negative effects threatening human existence globally.

We, Bloggers in Abuja (BIA) had taken couple of hours out of our busy schedule to hang out and unwind while discussing other pertinent issues that mattter to our career development and Nigerian youth at large yesterday and Amala Korner became our final destination.


To say we experienced extraordinary touch of excellence is an understatement. Amala Korner simply know how to keep their guests and customers asking for more like Oliver Twist. The local cuisines were well prepared and presented with style. Local foods like amala and ewedu, ofada rice with locust beans stew, beans pottage, garri, akpu with any kind of vegetable soups and assorted drinks were all available to take care of their esteemed guests.

It was an awesome moment filled with fun and lots of welfies for BIA at Amala Korner.

BIA having fun with wefie
BIA having fun with wefie


By Dotun Roy

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