A report was made by W O Abolaji, from Offa Kwara State; to a Civil Society Organization based in Lagos. According to Abolaji, one Mr. Sam Judge, a serving magistrate allegedly deflowered, raped, impregnated and sued one Miss. Hafeezat (pseudonym) under the pretext of helping her gain admission into a tertiary institution in the state. Read the full complaint below:
 I wish to use this medium to bring to your notice the unfortunate plight of one Miss Hafeezat, 19 years who was raped, dis-flowered and impregnated by one Mr. Sam Judge, (a.k.a Ibrahim Judge) who is a serving Magistrate with Kogi State Judiciary. 
The magistrate who is residing at Yidi Area, Offa Kwara State lured this indigent teenage Secondary School Leaver who is an admission seeker under the pretext of facilitating her admission into a tertiary institution in Kwara state. As we speak, this innocent teenager is 7 months pregnant for this randy jurist.
At present, Mr. Sam Judge had filed a case of trespass and ‘defamation’ against Hafeezat and her parents after he was confronted with allegation of raping and impregnating the vulnerable young girl.
I am bringing this to your notice using this medium so that this helpless young girl will not suffer unnecessarily. This judge is doing everything possible to scare the girl and her family away. This is why he slammed a criminal case of trespass against them. Already, Hafeezat is distraught from her horrible experience, scared stiff of her persecutor and stressed with the burden of 7 month early and unwanted pregnant that has derailed her goal of sound education.
We know your organisation to be defender of the defenceless, that is why I am contacting you. Already, as her sympathetic benefactor, we have gotten a lawyer to defend her from the case of criminal trespass and defamation slammed against her by the magistrate, but there is little we can do for her at this level because of our fear that we may not get fair hearing from the magistrate colleagues at the bench.
Hafeezat’s parents are poor, but this young and brave girl demand and deserve justice. Please help us.
I hope to hear from you soon. You can contact me through my e-mail: testwins.abolaji@gmail.com OR my mobile: 08033703916.

By Dotun Roy

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