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    Follow The Money, an initiative of Connected Development [CODE] is growing to become the largest movement for transparency and accountability in rural communities in Africa. It started in 1 community in 2012, in 2013 it was 2, and 2015 it was 9, and in 2016 we hope to reach more rural communities in Africa including yours.

    Follow The Money wants to be much more than advocating, tracking or visualizing funds meant for local communities; it is growing to become a continuous movement driving actions, big and small, that spur government transparency and accountability while changing the world we live in.

    On that note, we are looking out for smart, mobile savvy and energetic individuals that wants to be part of the solution, and can lead Follow The Money activities in their state in a part-time mode. Because you have been following some of our stories, we are sending this call to you first, and will need your response on or before June 3, 2016. Please read below details of who and what a State Coordinator will be doing, and if you are interested, KINDLY FILL THE FORM AT http://goo.gl/forms/L4pwNljDrd If we do not hear from you before then, we will approach other networks or candidate.

    If you have any questions concerning this, please feel free to let me know


    1. Look out for communities that have dilapidated or no health care facilities in your state (If you know of any take pictures or short video and send to the virtual newsroom)
    2. Look out for communities that have abandoned health, education or environment project in your state  (If you know of any, take pictures or short videos and send to the virtual newsroom)
    3. Look out for communities that have dilapidated School Facility in your state  (If you know of any , take pictures or short videos and send to the virtual newsroom)
    4. Interview and record conversation and send your interviews to the virtual newsroom
    5. Listen to news from your local radio station about new announcement of money for building health care center, or a school or for providing environmental incentives (eg clean cookstove, solar panel etc)  (If you hear of any send to the virtual newsroom)
    6. Send a letter to the state governor’s office requesting for budget of the state
    7. Send a letter to the local government chairman office (if any requesting for the budget of the LGA)
    8. Send letters requesting for more information about dilapidated, abandoned or non existing school or health facility or environmental incentive
    9. If you see any good intervention by your state or local government with regards to health, education or environment that is working. please feel free to send it to the virtual newsroom as well.
    10. NOTE That 1, 2 and 3 can be provided by the data mining team as shown in 1 below on what CODE will provide through the virtual newsroom


    1. Our data mining team will provide information or data on communities that we might want to focus on via our virtual newsroom
    2. A letter of introduction for the coordinators after signed code of conduct and Agreement to Terms
    3. A Follow The Money Badge (ID Card) for coordinators
    4. A Guide for Coordinators to do community outreach
    5. A Whatsapp coordination platform for coordinators
    6. A 1-day Follow The Money Retreat bringing together all coordinators
    7. Institutional Support for each coordinator
    8. When an outreach is initiated by the Follow The Money team, we will pay the coordinator of that state a stipend of not more than 3,000


    1. Coordinators must be smart, versatile, and agile

    2. Coordinators must be able to use microsoft office suites

    3. Coordinators must be able to commit 24 hours in a month to Follow The Money

    4. Coordinators must have knowledge of the social media (must be on Facebook, and should be able to get on Twitter)

    5. Coordinators must be (at times) ready to sleep in very remote communities of their states, and go on motorcycles.

    6. Coordinators must be willing to join (via phone-in) in radio programmes, TV programmes or coordinate with other journalist that might want to visit your state

    7. Coordinators work are like community reporters as such they must be able to ask the right questions

    8. Coordinators must have a mobile phone that can snap pictures, record short videos and has whatsapp

    9. List of Participants at their event

    10. A – 2 -3 page report on any community outreach, if any

    11. Pictures and short videos can be sent to the Whatsapp Number
    NOTE: Our state project assistant are community reporters (investigative journalists) that report via our virtual newsroom (built around Whatsapp), and depending on the state, we can have 3 to 4 community reporters in a state
    WARNING: Follow The Money is non-partisan, as such, if you are politically motivated or strongly motivated by a political ideology in Nigeria, do not consider to join this movement.
    For More Information call:  Dotun Roy on 08034858005
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