Motivation more often than not can come in diverse forms, depending on the perspective at which we view it from. As an employee or intern in an organisation, your own motivation could be consistent wages or stipends you receive at the end of the week, monthly or even on daily basis. For an enterprenuer or business person, only source of motivation could be profit or positive remarks of the clientele. And that would keep him in business for as long as possible. However, no matter how strong the source of your motivation is, self motivation is still as crucial just as any other form of motivation you can ever think of. Self motivation energises your spirit, soul and body for the required tenacity needed in pushing for your goals and bringing to reality that seemingly impossible dreams. Here some five rules for self motivating.

  • Believe in you

There is a common cliché that “if you don’t  believe in yourself, nobody will”. You are the only captain of your ship. It is only you who understands what your dreams are all about. Therefore, for your dreams to be purposeful you must be determined and at the same time develop thick skinned. Why do I suggest that? It is to shield you from possible and impending destructive criticisms from dream killers who may never see anything good in what you set out to achieve. Yes we come across these people on daily basis and they are ever ready to ruin your concentration. So, believe in your dreams, read about past and present achievers then draw out workable strategies and ensure you work around it on dailly basis.

  • Free your Mind

Our minds play a crucial role in what we see around us and ultimately what we become in life. It is however, wholesome for any man to rid his mind of excess baggage such as doubts, grudges, bitterness, malice, envy, jealousy among other as they add no value to anyman’s life. As a matter of fact bitterness tends to eat you up from the inside and may prevent your from achieving your goals in life. Although, enviousness has been said to have compelled most successful people to perform extraordinary feats in their lifetime. In the same vein, jealousy most of the time stems from unwholesome comparison of your achievements or possessions with others which often leads to bitterness and hatred. Therefore, to maximize your self motivating attitude, you need to rid your mind off these unnecessary distractions.

  • Live Simply

We live a world where materialism is over celebrated and modesty is perceived as inconsequential. But I tell you, simplicity or modest life is the surest path to happiness in life. Be content with what you have or have achieved over the years, be it in your career, marriage, finance and even spiritual life. Focus on what makes you happy rather living to impress others. Living in debt so as to lead extravagant life would never bring you fulfilment you crave for. Be optimistic and stay positive at all times. Above all, like I said in No 2, avoid comparison like plague!

  • Give more

Not too many people understand how this works. It is more honourable and noble to give than to receive. Since materialism is over celebrated, whenever people hear the word “give” they automatically assume is money and material stuff. Material stuffs are not the only things you can give to others. They are several other ways you can give. By sharing knowledge with people, you are giving. Those words of encouragement and advice you offer to close friends and relations on daily basis, it is also giving. Although, giving material stuffs to the needy, can be voluntary and one powerful way to stay motivated, realising that there people who still look up to you for support does the magic.

  • Expect less from others

Having high expectation of others or expecting so much from them would only leave you disappointed. Even after you have rendered help to others do not expect reciprocation or any sort of reward from same person. Learn to help others with no any string attached to it.  Too much of expectation from family and friends would refrain you from building self motivating attitude.

Note that these rules are put together based on my personal experience. So feel free to add yours to these five rules highlighted above. if any?


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