Are you a passionate person; do you want to live a life of fullness and a well-rounded one, or would you rather just go with the flow and follow a boring, repeating lifestyle and not spark any difference or change? One of the differences between living out your dreams and just existing is focusing your energies and thoughts on something specific.


This “eye of the tiger” is important and helps you have this concentrated attention on a specific task or activity. Do not think that because you gave it a shot and tried to live that life of your dreams but failed means that you cannot do it. This is what happens in life and we need to be strong and want happiness desperately in order to get it.

Here are 3 secrets for living a life of abundance:

1. It Is Important To Raise The Bar

You decided that you do not want to live the life you are currently living any more. So you have to make a change; maybe it is the fact that you are not making enough money, maybe you are not working the job of your dreams, or maybe you want to provide a better life for your family. Whatever it is, you could write down the aspects you do not feel comfortable with and do not like, and starting altering your life step by step.

Pick something out that is not your style and does not work for you and start with that. Do not be afraid to raise your life standards and expectations, because once you see the target in front of you, you will be compelled to work and achieve it. You cannot turn back in time and so do not wait and exercise every available opportunity.

2. Decide On What Is Important For You

What is important to you as a person and individual? Did you go ahead and define your own principles and values, or are you adopting some of those from somewhere or someone else? The first step in this process is to define your goals and what success is for you. If you cannot differentiate between what is important and unimportant, let alone what is important and urgent, then you might need some modification to make your life more manageable and less crammed.

There are many distractions nowadays, and those are the things that jeopardize our development and growth. We need to have our eyes on the end goal and believe that we can do anything we set our mind to. At the end of the day sticking to what is important to us and accomplishing that is success in itself.

3. Be Yourself And Do Not Change

A lot of people when put out of their house and in more social areas, do anything and improvise in the way they act to fit in. It is important to fit in and be social as it might get you closer to people, but being unique is priceless. Muster the courage to and confidence to go your way, for this can make your life fuller.

A life of abundance is not something that comes easy, but with the correct motive and train of thoughts, you can transcend above and beyond.

The above are just three of many secrets to living a life of abundance. Do you have any to add? Please share them with your comments below.

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