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People say ‘Attitude’ is everything. Yes, I agree with them. It is 100 percent of who we are and what we become on the face of the earth, but are we making any effort to improve on that area of our attitude that probably needs improvement or simply put an adjustment? We need to stop deluding one another and face the fact, we all need attitudinal change. The major challenge is many are ignorant of this and would not accept they need it. Like the saying ‘if you have virtue, you will surely vices’ in other words virtue represents the area where your strength lies, while vices stands for your weaknesses. Believe it or not every man/woman has got weakness, regardless of your greed, age, sex, religion or even your education background. What actually differs is the way we handle these weaknessess in our daily lives. It has been proven by psycho-analyst that when you add-up all the letters that make up the word ‘ATTITUDE’ according to their positions in the alphabetical order it gives you 100. I tried it too, I got same result.

Attitudinal change is not about condemning one another or amplifying your neighbhour’s flaws. No, it goes beyond that because it concerns everybody from holy than thou moralists to all religious leaders. That goes to say no matter how perfect any man seems he still need some attitudinal change in some aspect of his life, quote me anywhere, this aspect could be marital, financial/money, religion amongst others. Attitudinal change is about being receptive to positive changes in every areas of our lives. The earlier we come to terms with our weaknesses/flaw and work towards achieving attitudinal change the better, even though we may never be able to achieve 100 percent perfection but it makes us better persons with overall good outlook to life at the end of the day. If as individuals we strive to achieve this attitudinal change, our immediate society wil be a better place and world would be a better place for us and posterity. There 5 aspects of human lives where attitudinal change is of paramount and we often overlook are Finance/Money, Marriage/Relationship, Social Interation and Leadership are highlighted as follows:

  1. Finance/Money: Money answereth all things, Yes. we all know that but it becomes a weakness when your desire for money becomes inordinate and uncontrollable, that automatically makes you liable to all sort shady bussiness and crimes. Youth in the 21st Century have higher propensity to chase after money, the reason for this, is the advancement in technology. Acquiring latest gadgets, mobile phones, Notepad, games and even automobile comes natural to them so they would do anything to get them. Note these: if you are a spendthrift, you need attitudinal change about finance/money. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying becoming a pennypincher is right but being a spendthrift make you a compulsive shopper and that would do your finance no good. A spendthrift cannot save for the future because he believes coins will always rain on him. Many spendthrifts have been in trouble for stealing and spending organisation’s money. As a woman, if you are a spendthrift, you wouldn’t mind exchanging your virtue for money. A spendthrift man would swap his conscience for money as well. However, little adjustment in our attitude towards money would do the magic.

  2. Marriage/Relationship: In the recent times, most marriages hit rock as result of attitudinal problems from either or both party involved. The truth is marriage is for matured minds. It is not for those who are not ready to stand up for their responsibilities. However, societal expectations and reaction towards unmarried persons in this part of the world has made so many two unprepared and immatured people rushed into marriage without properly courtship thereby leading to untimely divorce. When a woman or man is unmarried at a particular age, he is perceived as ‘unfinished’. This is an improper attitude to marriage. Note these: if you are married and still tie to your mother’s apron as a man or woman you need attitudinal change, because your parent’s view to marriage will always differ and might even be too outdated to help you and your marriage in this jet age. If you are easily angered married person, you need attitudinal change so as to tolerate other party since you are of different background and upbringing definitely the compatibility would never be 100%. Patience and tolerance are the number one recipe for successful marriage.

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  1. Good job on this article! I really like how you presented your facts and how you made it interesting and easy to understand. Thank you.

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