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Valentine is here again! Mr Steve and friends have got full package of excitement for you and boo/bae at the DINNER NITE FOR SINGLES AND COUPLES. It promises to be an exciting and fun-filled night with lots of: Comedy Music Talk Show Games Dance and Lots more. TicketsĀ  #500(Single), #15,000 (Couple) VIP, #30,000 (Couple) VVIP. Red Carpet 4pm . Main ...

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Relationship potholes!

I have discovered that love doesn’t guarantee the success of a relationship. Love cannot help you stick to one person all years round, and on the other hand, cheating isn’t always a product of not loving your partner. InĀ fact, loving someone doesn’t guarantee not falling in love with any other person. Relationships work out mostly because of our head not ...

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Deceit in courtship

By Oladotun One of the most worrisome issues amongst the youths in the recent times is failed relationship and courtship. A lot of controversies and debate have been organized via social media, television and even radio programmes on what to do in order to have a healthy relationship with an opposite sex? How can one have a successful relationship that ...

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