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#KayodeOlanrewaju: Not all Men with Paternity Issues are Sterile

By Oladotun F Olumuyiwa

Since I stumbled on the sad story of paternity fraud between Nigerian soccer player, Kayode Olanrewaju and his estranged wife, Ezinne on socials earlier today, I had wanted to be indifferent about it because it’s no longer a strange occurrence. However, the usual me who truly detests dirty deals, cheating and disloyalty keeps nudging me to share my take on it.

Now, two things have finally prompted me to do this piece.

One of them is the popular Social Media Pastor – Pastor Tobi Adegboyega. He is the man in the middle of this whole paternity saga between UK based soccer Player, Kayode and his estranged wife, Ezinne. This pastor is supposedly a revered Pastor in the UK. Who has been alleged to be sleeping with Mrs Kayode until she produced three strong boys for him but pinned them on her unsuspecting husband.

And the second one is the barrage of horrific comments I have read against the victim, Mr Kayode- who happens to be the husband of the traitor – the wife, the harbinger of this mess. He’s being blamed for being sterile as a man, and that being the reason none of the boys belong to him.

Let me begin with the supposed UK Pastor. One disturbing thing about today’s Christianity, is the influx of charlatans who parade themselves as real men of God with good intentions toward their gullible congregation. It is one sad reality that the Christendom has to deal with.

Personally, I have never met this so called Pastor in person, but based on his profile and content on socials, I think anyone should be able to decipher the caliber of Pastor he would be. His flamboyant lifestyle and the caliber of people he hobnobs with despite holding a sensitive position of pastoring a youth church, tells a lot of about him.

Pastor Tobi has been amongst the UK based Nigerian pastors with controversial contents on social media, nobody can dispute that. And according to several reports, that, has put him under the radar of the British Government. His
extravagant lifestyle, being one of the reasons for this.

Generally, most women and wives revere their pastors more than their husbands and that has always put them in a vulnerable position. More reasons cases of Pastor and his female members’ se*ual abuse are so prevalent in the recent times.

Therefore, to many people, Pastor Tobi might look like some Pastor who is capable of the allegation levelled against him by Mr Kayode, until he comes out to defend himself on this one. The general public and online in laws await his response.

Secondly, to those criticising the victim (Mr Kayode) that he must have been sterile. And that his impotency must have been the reason none out of those three kids belongs to him, have no clue of how devilish some wives could be if they aren’t ready to have a child with a man.

Women have the power to choose whom they want to carry his babies in their womb. And there is no amount of virility in a man that can make the semen of such man turns into foetus in their womb if they don’t want to carry his baby.

Also, it also appears these online critics have forgotten the case of Odartey Lamptey, another famous Ghanaian Soccer player who was a victim of similar paternity fraud by his wife back in 2013. He discovered four of his children weren’t his after several years of marriage.

Today, he’s happily married to Ghana ex beauty Queen with beautiful children. So how come he was able to produce his own children with another woman, if he was sterile???

Finally, I would like to suggest that relevant authorities should look into these recurring cases of paternity fraud and make it a punishable offence that would attract life incarceration. Maybe these women will desist from that devilish act.

By News Editor

Our News Editor, Muyiwa is an information management expert and Development Blogger with more than a decade experience in investigative reporting and journalism. He is passionate about human angle stories to all social issues in Nigeria and Africa.