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#AdaoraUmeoji: An Object of Envy not an Object of Pity!

There is a popular prayer, that says: “In life, may we become an object of envy, and not object of pity!” That is a simple way to describe the case of the new CEO/GMD of Zenith Bank at the moment.

This lady of the moment called Adaora Umeoji has been on everyone’s lip since she clinched the most coveted position in Zenith Bank, as CEO/GMD combined!

What a giant stride anyone could ever wish to attain early in his or her career, especially in a dog eats dog sector like banking!

Several awkward comments and remarks have consistently trailed her since she was announced for the position.

For me, that is expected anywhere in the world not only in Nigeria. Attaining such status overnight will certainly trigger envy and hate from different quarters. Even amongst her supposed best pals. It is what it is! Such is life.

The funniest of all these snide comments was that she ‘sleeps’ her way to the top in Zenith Bank! That really got me rolling on the floor.

Look, haters will always use anything to drag you into the mud where they belong!

They actually make such allegation sound as though ‘sleeping’ their way to the top too like she did was an abomination. If she did sleep her way to the top as speculated what stops these accusers from doing the same thing to achieve the same feat??

An allegation I still doubt if it’s true anyways but haters would rather see you cry instead of smiling, once they see you achieved what they couldn’t achieve due to the evil streaks in them.

Moreso, I don’t want to assume most of these awful comments about her are coming from her male colleagues though, because women supporting women remains the goal until one of them becomes more successful than the rest then the goal becomes an eye service! What am I saying? Women are known for their deadly jealous streak too.

Don’t get me wrong, it is never wrong to envy someone else’s achievements but we must learn to do so without wishing for anybody’s downfall. Do it to serve as a source of inspiration to your personal aspirations. Also do it to connect with your own blessings by celebrating them rather than secretly nursing hatred for them.

I mean, what do people gain in badmouthing people at the top of their careers?? How will slandering or defaming those who are better off than you make your own lives better than them or others?

Based on my findings Adaora is a lady of distinction with an intimidating resumé coupled with sterling track records in Zenith Bank. Having spent 28 years working and dedicating her time to see the organization grew from where it used to be to where it is now. She absolutely earned that!

Until we fully grasp the understanding of the popular saying, that says “doing everything to dim other people’s light will never make your own shine brighter, then we will know that there is no single reward in hating on whom God has blessed.

It would rather plunge the haters into a state of despair, helplessness and self hate. So what’s the point?

By News Editor

Our News Editor, Muyiwa is an information management expert and Development Blogger with more than a decade experience in investigative reporting and journalism. He is passionate about human angle stories to all social issues in Nigeria and Africa.