• Sun. Jul 14th, 2024


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Nigerian Lawmakers to issue arrest warrants for Binance executives after refusal to honour invite!

Nigerian lawmakers may issue arrest warrants for Binance executives following the refusal of Richard Teng, the Managing Director, to honor the invitation by a House of Representatives Committee session.

Chairman of the committee, Onwusibe having insisted on a senior manager’s presence at the meeting, has said the House is considering issuing arrest warrant for Binance executives.

The House of Representatives Committee on Financial Crimes alerted about the potential consequences on Monday during a fact-finding session.

The panel extended an invitation to the Managing Director of Binance, Richard Teng, however, he did not attend as requested.

The organization has consistently enlisted the services of its legal representative from Nigeria, Senator Ihenyen, to represent them before the committee.

During Monday’s hearing, the legislators again declined Mr. Ihenyen’s offer to represent, insisting that Mr. Teng or another senior manager must attend the committee meeting.

The Committee’s Chairman, Ginger Onwusibe (LP, Abia), revealed that the panel would be issuing a warrant for the arrest of the executives who did not show up before it.

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