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Plateau: The Mass Killing In Nigeria’s Middle Belt And Africa’s Neo-awakening

by Ebube George

The attacks, mass extermination and displacement of the indigenous people of Bokkos, Plateau State is not far fetched as several rare earth mineral deposits found in those communities is at the heart of what is fueling the insecurity and attacks against the populace.

These attackers are a combination of those within Nigeria and outsiders who are driven by the common interests of commiting mass extermination and displacement of the indigenous people for resources exploitation, they also have backers across the spectrum of the political elite and security architecture of Nigeria

There can be no case of avoidance but clear collusion of these invaders and the security forces to achieve the mass exterminations. It remains baffling that with all the billions appropriated and spent on sophisticated surveillance equipment and high tech weapons at the disposal of the military, such heinous crimes can be committed and not even thwarted with all the intelligence reports at the disposal of the State security agencies. Bribery from the terrorist as a means of compromising the security forces is another tool which could have been used to keep help from arriving for 4days.

The Nigeria Government must ensure that justice is served by investigating and arresting all the perpetrators and areigning them before a court of competent justification to be tried. Government needs to look into community policing, the other consideration is reverting to true federalism where every region must be responsible for it’s own security architecture, personelle and application of smart technologies to fight crime and terrorism.

The UN recently condemn the killings and need to do more to sanction the government for not protecting the people of the Middle Belt from terrorists who seem to be abated by the political elite and state.

With European investors remaining by far the largest holders of foreign assets in Africa, led by the United Kingdom ($65 billion) and France ($60 billion). One wonders why they are not promoted to intervene, but then chaos in Nigeria and Africa is advantageous to their interests for exploitation of the black continent as they have been evidenced to provide all spectrum of strategic and weaponised sponsorship of terrorism in Nigeria and Africa. These conflicts and mass killings in Plateau, Benue and across Nigeria by the Fulatheid terrorists, banditry and insurgencies of all kinds are not exceptional to Nigeria but widespread across Africa.

These resources exploitations inspired conflicts and criminal actions by terror cells empowered by Western underhanded politicking using covert means are the reasons why Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso and the coup d’etat belt of Africa as it were have seen a resurgence in coups to topple the political establishment in those countries who are perceived to be Western puppets.

In Burkina Faso and it’s partners in the freedom from Western hegemony have kicked out the West, UN and the recinded their membership of ECOWAS so as to ensure control of their resources, stability and frontiership of state for the common good of the people. But the long term end results are awaited in terms of the sustainability of the new leaderships to deliver dividends to the people.

By News Editor

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