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Nollywood: Reviewing the #BlackBook!

Here is a review on the newly released Nollywood blockbuster, #Blackbook:

Firstly, kudos to the writers of the script! I’m sure putting such fantastic storyline together can never be a walk in the park.

The story deeply explores the inevitable roles of the media as the Forth Estate of the Realm, in the fight against corruption as well as other corrupt entities in our society. That is one of the clear messages from the blockbuster.

Secondly, the cinematography, locations, costumes were brilliantly selected to suit the storyline.

And then comes the lead Actor, RMD, he’s just the perfect fit for the role. RMD has consistently sustained his cinematic relevance for over four decades, co-starring and taking lead roles with several generations of actors. Sometimes, one would be tempted to ask how this thespian effortlessly does his craft. Indeed, he’s born to do it!

Flashback scene from the Black Book

However, my major concern with #BlackBook is, there are unimportant roles assigned to iconic actors that didn’t truly project the beauty of their crafts.

For instance, role of Norbet Young (Dotun Craig), the role of Iretiola Doyle as Commissioner of Police limits her delivery, same for Bimbo Akintola’s role. Thereby limiting the numbers of their appearances to like 3 to 4 scenes.

For Shaffy Bello, her role isn’t well defined to me. The car chasing scenes in Kaduna city and all the ploy to get Sam Dede trapped was clumsy and wasn’t properly edited.

All the ladies in hijab scenes wouldn’t have been necessary if the writers had sought advice, as the message they try to pass with those hijab scenes seems vague. Except I am the only one who didn’t grasp the message.

Also, in order to avoid another unforeseen religion uprising such scenes should have been completely avoided.

There are also, a lot of flashbacks with unclear and vague dialogue.

In all, it worth every effort and money invested into the production.

Congratulations to the Executive producers!

Big ups to #Nollywood and Netflix

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