• Wed. May 22nd, 2024


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Airtel secures 5G Spectrum!

Airtel Nigeria has announced the acquisition of a new 5G spectrum and an additional spectrum for its 4G network for a price of $316.7 million. With this acquisition, the company can now roll out a 5G network and expand its 4G services in Nigeria, according to new reports.

Airtel, whose largest African market is Nigeria, says the acquisition will allow it to expand its network capabilities and roll out 5G in order to accommodate the growth of data usage in the country.

The promise of 5G is high-speed Internet connectivity that promises to enhance our Internet experience and unlock several opportunities in Nigeria’s digital space.
Segun Ogunsanya, CEO of Airtel Africa, states that 5G will be critical for Nigeria to realise its market potential in the growth of mobile services and nationwide digitalisation.

However, Airtel will face competition from MTN Nigeria and Mafab, which have already acquired 5G licenses. MTN has already rolled out 5G in the country and faces challenges in implementing the technology, particularly in rural areas where 4G handset penetration is low, and the rollout costs are high.

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