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Dress Code: University isn’t A Secondary School!

I found this inset memo by one University in the South South State in Nigeria asking its students to desist from putting on some specific outfits listed in the memo including wigs and make up and start dressing like a Nun or Reverend sisters of sort. Imagine such level of absurdities in the 21st century.

It saddens me how most of our public and educational institutions have suddenly abandoned their mandates due to ineptitude, inefficiency and failure to deliver and start priotising irrelevant that has nothing in common with their official assignments.

This reminds of my old mechanic, anytime I called him that my vehicle had a major issue, instead of him to say he doesn’t understand the issue and how to fix it, he won’t talk. He would now start looking for minor issues on the car rather than fixing the major fault. Until I decided to change him. That’s how ineptitude looks like anywhere. And our public institutions aren’t any different.

When Nigerians have nothing more to offer, they start chasing shadows. I also wonder, how do these things listed in memo affect the academic and research in an institutions of learning?

Till date as a nation, managing agriculture plantations, a steel mill, an oil refinery, a power system, or a hospital has become an issue, but here we have professors worrying about ear rings on boys and nose rings on girls, Is that the job description they were given when they applied to the university?

For crying out loud, how is what students put on, the business of the university? When has parent’s problem with his or her child becomes that of universities? Is university a Sunday school? Or a remand home for juvenile delinquents?

Last time I checked, University is for young adults most of whom are relatively grown enough to know their left from right. Most Universities don’t even allow admission to people less than the age of 16, that is 2 years to the age of adulthood.

The bulk of University students are adults in their own right, if they abandon the morality of their parents in the university, it is exactly what universities are meant for, some will be negative and others will be positive. It is a place of enlightenment not a place of confinement doctrines.

Our society is what it is today because many pass through school but never allow school to pass through them. And how do one allow school to pass through oneself? It’s simply by being able to express oneself through self consciousness and not by being restricted thereby causing them to live in constant fear of being watched!

I learned this school has complained of indecent dressing before taking the decision. But hello, decent dressing depends on the way a child was brought up, meaning home up bringing not school up bringing.

The way parents train their child is same way such child will behave anywhere and anytime. Society can only change attitudes of an individual provided there’s proper home training and guidance.

Besides, a university is not a parental institution, a university does not have custody of its scholars, it is not a secondary school.

That is the reason many universities have parent and guardians sign releases for their underaged wards before finalising their admission, there is no transfer of parental authority from parent to the university.

A university is not to inculcate discipline into the child, it is assumed that anyone in a university is capable of planning his life..

But because most of our Universities have nothing worthwhile to look up to, they have turned themselves into babysitters and nannies. While their mates are researching cutting age technology, they are researching nose piercings and mini skirts.

Such a shame.

By News Editor

Our News Editor, Muyiwa is an information management expert and Development Blogger with more than a decade experience in investigative reporting and journalism. He is passionate about human angle stories to all social issues in Nigeria and Africa.