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Aregbesola US Viral Video: You Don’t Disrespect Elders from Your Country Because You live Abroad!

I just watched this video where a US based Nigerian accosted and harassed Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, who is a serving Minister of the Republic of Nigeria in a US restaurant. I got irritated by such unruly attitude of the man behind the camera, who was seen in video harassing the minister while he was having his breakfast with another guest.

How can one be so rude to an elderly person because you happen to meet him in the USA?

I don’t think even in America one has the right to just start videoing people directly to their faces like that. Because that was what he was doing without the permission of the man.

There is what is called General Data Protection Regulations(GDPR) in US! If he’s not well informed. He could be sued!

That was simply harassment and there ought to be security there too for invasion of privacy.

The unrully man kept shouting ‘This is America’. This is America, my foot. That unruly idi*t ought to be repatriated for constituting nuisance and threat to public peace.

And just like another person who saw the video and supported the guy’s unruly behavior said “any leader that has failed it’s people does not deserve respect of any kind” And that the reaction of the young man was solely base on what this leaders have done to this country.

I completely disagreed with him on that, two wrongs can never make a right. Because they failed in their duties should never warrant such public harassment and invasion of privacy even when he was trying to be civil and calm with the guy, the guy still messed up the whole thing with his childish behavior.

Aregbesola was the former governor of my state, Osun. He performed woefully, according to his score card by the people of Osun, to the point that people disliked his administration but the people have moved on. Besides, he’s still the serving Minister under this administration. So, he deserves some respect.

Most Nigerians are part of the problems Nigeria is facing. We need to change our attitude to so many things.

By News Editor

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