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GSS Kagara: CSO demands unconditional release of Abducted students, urges FG to declare state of emergency on insecurity

A civil society Organization in Nigeria, the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) on Wednesday, February 17th, 2021, called for the unconditional release of the students abducted from Government Secondary School (GSS) Kagara in Rafi Local Government Area of Niger State.

The call by the Centre followed the reports on the abduction of an unconfirmed number of school children from GSS Kagara and some travellers in Niger State.

In a statement signed and issued by Executive Director, Idayat Hassan to this effect, CDD urged the Federal Government to declare a State of Emergency on the ravaging insecurity across states of the nation.

The Centre also asked the Nigerian Government and all relevant security authorities to do everything within their power to ensure the rescue of all the abductees.

According to the Statement, “From Chibok to Dapchi to Kankara and now to Kagara. This callous act of abducting school children has to stop. Our children and their parents cannot continue to live in fear in their pursuit of education and a better life”.

The organization stated that the continued abduction of school children from places of learning is evidence that the government has failed in this particular role to protect the people especially for the school children in states across the nation.

“While our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the abducted ones, we call on the Nigerian government to rise to the occasion and ensure their unconditional release as the primary constitutional role of government at all level is to guarantee the protection of lives and property of citizens – school children inclusive.

“Nigeria has to come to terms that she has a huge security problem on her hands and act decisively. The country has to declare a state of emergency on insecurity across board. And must synergise efforts with our sub-nationals. There must an agreement for instance on no ransom, no amnesty policy as they fight with boots on the ground,” CDD Director Idayat Hassan says.

“The war needs both a kinetic and non-kinetic approach but the non-kinetic approach must not be one that priorities amnesty and paying bandits for their guns et al. The time is now, and this is serious, very serious actually,” Hassan adds.

She also laments that it is unfortunate that kidnapping school children have become the easiest way to get money from the government.

Hassan notes that: “The government must secure the school and urgently too, or else Chibok, Dapchi and Kankara school raids will encourage others to do worse.”
“Schools in general as it has become an easy target for criminals to extort monies used in prosecuting a war against the Nigerian state.”

The Centre says that government and all stakeholders need to assure every Nigerian child of his or her safety by making sure that requisite measures are put in place to ensure their safety.

CDD calls for improved efforts by the government to ensure that safety precautions are being taken to protect schools, not just those in conflict-affected areas but across states of the country.

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