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See Why everyone needs “Vibing” a non-stop music platform launched by a Nigerian

Vibing connects well over 10 DJs to play live or provide creative contents for the platform.” – Femi D Amele

Digitalisation of virtually everything has become imperative as the COVID19 lockdown continues to lock out a lot of physical activities; many people lockdown new habits of more video and audio consumption.

To create unlimited access to non-stop indigenous music and entertainment via reliable digital platform, a Nigerian media entrepreneur and personality, Femi D Amele has launched Vibing in Abuja.

According to him, “Vibing provides Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike with unlimited access to danceable music and entertainment 24/7 and 8 days a week anywhere you are in the world as long as you are connected to internet”.

Vibing connects well over 10 DJs to play live or provide creative contents for the platform.”

Amele believes the Vibing will provide a future opportunity for live booked music DJ streaming session performance and building up the DJ as a major celebrity for the new music frontiers. He adds that the operations of Vibing Live will connect a Nigeria’s pop culture to a global audience.

“People are finding their place on the internet, to either share their thoughts in art form or express their feelings on trending subjects.”

“People are also searching for new entertainment, fast and extended playtime of music, movies and alternative devotion.

“Album releases have been done virtually with enigmatic features  of Beyoncé’s new visual album ‘Black Is King’  setting  a new high for how music can be found and enjoyed.” he remarks.

As internet penetration continues to advance around the world, the pop culture of Nigerian music is creating a lively vibe for young people to stream and listen to online radio station exclusively designed to the promotion of leading and hit songs from Nigeria.

Nigerian songs are getting a global response not just for been liked for tunes, smart words, appeals but its endearing beats that set out a mood of class and originality. Front line artist from Nigeria like Tiwa Savage, Dbanj, Burna Boy, Davido & Wizkid have removed borders that branded Nigeria youths as ‘….as lazy Nigerian youths’

The latest online radio station launched to promote Nigerian songs and DJ is called Vibing. Vibing was launched in August 2020 and its a station for party lovers, millennials, Gen X and fun-loving people.

People are Vibing to music from top artists from Nigeria in a DJ mix (a blend of party and pop music from Nigeria). Vibing can be streamed on over 40 websites and app platforms in many major cities Abuja, Lagos, New York , London, Washington, Berlin. The music is also enjoyed in Germany, Romania, Russia, United States, United Kingdom & China.

Vibing allows you to be anywhere, be party and enjoy the music on unarguably new station music format of DJ mix. Vibing was nominated on streamfinder in its first week by listeners to be a featured station to be listened too in its internet radio directory of 13,000 stations. Vibing plays about 50 songs every hour, the average radio station plays 24 songs in 60 minutes. 

 The non-stop mixtape station ‘Vibing’ is a 24 hours music stream also available via  Alexa operated devices using voice search for Vibing DJ Music Nigeria .

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