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Echoes of Pandemic by Favour Egbuta

This brilliantly crafted piece composed and written by a colleague, Favour Egbuta, a Nigerian journalist will make your day. Read below:

On THISDAY, there have been ECHOES globally on how the coronavirus pandemic has ravaged the world.
The great PUNCH dealt on countries and NATIONS of the world and their economies by the virus, has brought untold hardship on people.
Thanks to God the Maker of Heaven and Earth for the DAILYSUN in Africa which vehemently opposes the virus and prevents it from attacking at higher degrees, by melting it like a wax before THE SUN.

While LEADERSHIPS of countries around the world have been on the long way to finding lasting solution to the covid19 pandemic, there are few number of people being DAILY INDEPENDENT as PEOPLES DAILY depend on relatives, friends, governments among others, for pallaitives for their survival in the face of lockdowns.

The VOYAGE of the QUEST to finding lasting solution to the pandemic would be possible through the GUARDIAN of the VANGUARD which stands strong and determined to lead Nigeria into an era of corona virus free.

However, to achieve this, the AUTHORITY should resuscitate their DAILY TRUST in the masses to believe in them while fighting to finish the scourge of covid19 infectious disease.

When this is achieved, the TELGRAPH will be glad to spread the good news of the achievements, as the world will ONTV to see the CLEARVIEW of happy Nigerians again especially on Lagos based LTV, the state with the index case in Nigeria and where the virus had dealt a big blow.

All the CHANNELS would be agog with jubilation as there would be SILVERBIRD standing as a symbol of victory and defeat over the corona virus (COVID19) in Nigeria.

VOICE of NIGERIA would be loud in victory as all will hook up to FEDERAL RADIO CORPORATION of NIGERIA, just to hear the good news.
NEWS AGENCIES of Nigeria, National and Independent Televisions will all follow suit.

The TRIBUNE of the country would therefore be, to prioritise protecting vulnerable people in the country and other countries would be left with no choice than to follow the BLUEPRINT Nigeria has PILOTED.

There would be a rebirth as CORE incidences and success stories would be televised around the globe, as well as GALAXY and LIBERTY of united people once again.

After the storm, there would be an ORDER PAPER to reel out stringent measures to ensure that Nigeria’s Health Sector is not abandoned any further.

However, kudos would be given to the ARMED FORCES, for their unrelenting efforts in safeguard the country’s territorial integrity from external aggression.

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