Social media giant, Facebook has launched a new app designed for couples. The new app called ‘Tuned’ creates a private space for couples to create an intimate social network between each other.

Tuned was created by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team. Other apps the team have produced include a meme making app and Hobbi, an app similar to Pinterest.

A multimedia messaging app

Similar to other social networks, Tuned is a multimedia app that allows people to chat, send memos or voice notes with photos. However, the communication is directed to just a single person making it perfect for couples.

The app allows couples to use dedicated widgets to share their mood, feelings or what they are up to. Users can also integrate Spotify to allow them to share their favourite music.

Tuned app can be easily integrated with Spotify to share music

Tuned also has feeds designed in a “scrapbook-style” where couples can share and keep memories.

Tuned is Free to use

The Tuned app doesn’t require any subscription as it is free to use. It also doesn’t require a Facebook account to access it.

However, users of the app are subject to Facebook privacy and data laws. The means that like Facebook the data users provide can be used for ad targeting.

Tuned is designed to bring couples closer

Keeping couples connected

Facebook’s launch of the couples app comes at an interesting time. The current stay home policy in effect due to the current pandemic already has most couples spending time together with each other.

However, for couples that currently don’t live together, it provides a platform solely dedicated to keeping them closer and maintaining relationships daily with their partners during this crisis.

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