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Single Ladies: Here are Secrets to make your dream man drool over you!

Nowadays, for eligible spinsters, sustaining and keeping a healthy relationship with Mr Right or Dream man may seem difficult than it sounds. Most especially in this millennium when virtually all dashing eligible bachelors appear taken by the fastest and smartest ladies out there.

To make it worse, oftentimes than not, larger percentage of millennial bachelors are apparently picky when it comes to choosing a life partner or wooing a lady for a date.

However, like I always say, there are rules to this game of dating or getting into relationship with the right man. And most unmarried ladies must play by these rules otherwise, your dream man would be out there waiting and hoping to find you or get whisked away to the altar by another SMART ASS Spinster…then your waiting continues until you grasp the rules.

Here are few rules you must abide with and get your dream man eating right from your palm:

1. Decency

Have you appraised your decency lately?? How would you rate yourself, from 1 to 10? This is number 1 rule of getting your dream man head over the heels for you till he says i’ do’. You see, no man either educated or illiterate wants to be seen with an indecent lady. You must make it your first priority that you have decent approach to everything around you. Wear neat and properly fitted outfit, not necessarily expensive. Avoid lavish make-up, it makes you appear vain, so wear it in moderation. Be you, be natural sometimes. Learn to listen before you speak or comment on any subject matter especially in public with your man. Avoid being rude to strangers and let your countenance be warm at all times. Don’t play fast one on men. Don’t sleep around with men for pecuniary gains, it backfires later. Be a decent lady.

2. Generosity

Millennial spinster who still holds on to that archaic beliefs and idea that men are to spend lavishly on women, may forever wait for her dream man or eventually marries a wrong two timing abuser as a husband. Yes, men ought to do the spending, however, you must also learn to be generous with your dream man. Do not just be a freeloader or leech to every man you meet or date you. Be generous with your time, resources, love and money to him. Know that when you give him it would come back to you. Giving natural is one of the laws guiding this life so if you abide by this law you will be dazed how your dream man would be stuck on you!

3. Be a Visionary

Hey ladies, don’t just exist, strive to start living. I tell you what, no man wants to end up with an ‘NFA’ – NO FUTURE AMBITION kind of woman. You must have a vision about what you aspire to become in life and set those goals in achieving it. Nobody is saying you should be sleeping with men in order to achieve your dream, It is by building yourself and arming yourself with sellable skills even after you must have earned your degree(s). Stay focused and put these skills to use.

4. Avoid Desperation

Ladies even when time is no longer on your side never be desperate to the extent of forcing yourself on men especially total stranger. Be optimistic that your man will find you someday. Behaving and appearing desperate would make the right men to shun your direction. Be calm when you see your kind of dream man. If he walks up to you, wear your best smiles and be warm to him. Avoid playing hard to get. If doesn’t look your direction, then walk closer to him and say a word of greeting politely. You may be lucky, he might kick off a conversation with you.

5. Humility

There is a popular saying that ‘pride comes before destruction’. No matter how beautiful or rich you are as a lady never allow these to get into your head, because that beauty is just like blossoming flower in daytime, in evening it withers away. beauty is ephemeral, it fades. Therefore be humble at all times with everyone around you including strangers. Also know that the most expensive gift you can give a man is your ‘respect’ to him. Men are naturally attracted to humble ladies so be humble.

6. Drop the ‘Ex Baggage’

Most ladies often make this mistake of carrying about the awful experiences from the previous relationship that went south hence treating all men with so much disdain. With this baggage, comes the hatred for other men, who may even have genuine intentions towards them. To attract the right man or your dream man you must totally disconnect yourself from the pains of the past relationships so as not send your dream man packing when he comes. Note you may even seek the help of a therapist or a Life coach if it was a serious heartbreak.

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