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Chika Rita Okwuosah Immortalised through CROF!

CROF, a foundation​​ has been officially​ unveiled to immortalise Barrister Chuka Rita Okwuosah who died in her prime ​as a legal practitioner and ​​shortly ​after she bagged her Masters Degree in Law from the University of Dundee in 2018.

According to her parents, Mr and Mrs Okwuosah, “The foundation’s aim and objective is to ​fulfilled Rita’s dream of becoming a world class fashion designer​​ while she was alive even after she became qualified as a legal practitioner before we lost her due to complications from brain tumor”.

Rita Okwuosah Portrait

​Families and friends took turns to pay their tributes to her​ at the official launching ​of the Foundation named after her as Chika Rita Okwuosah Foundation (CROF​) organized in Abuja ​yesterday.

“Rita was a rare gem. she will always be dear to our heart. She will never be forgotten” One of her closest friends said while giving her speech.

Also in her dad remarks, Sir Dozie Okwuosah, who is also Chairman Board of Trustee of the Foundation, Yesterday June 14th was supposed to be Rita’s birthday who happened to be our only child and daughter.

“We have celebrated her on this day since she was one year old up on till we lost her”, said Sir Okwuosah.

“It had always been ​​Chika’s dream to be a world class fashion designer​s​ even after she became qualified as a legal practitioner before we lost her and I made a pledge at her grave to further her aspiration of becoming top fashion designer in Nigeria through this Foundation,

Chika Rita Okwuosah Birthday Cake at the event

“Nevertheless, it would be a fulfilling dream and vision for us to use this great Foundation to help and support young and budding talents in fashion industry in Nigeria”​​ he added.

​High point of the event were substantial donations made by the guests and dignitaries to support the good cause of the Foundation as well as Fashion Design Competition for ​Budding​ female​ fashion designers​ who proudly showcased their crafts and creativity​.

The three winners of the competition went away with different brands of sewing machines provided by the Foundation.

More photos at the unveiling

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