The suspected killers arrested and paraded by the Kwara State Police Command in Ilorin last week has Implicated Senator Bukola Saraki and Governor Fatahi Ahmed in their statement made to the Police.
The killers confessed to the Killing of Numerous Kwarans home and abroad. They were today transfered to Abuja for further investigation.

In their statement, they confess to be on the pay role of Kwara State Government and Mandate Office of Senator Bukola Saraki. It’s pertinent to note that the Leader of the killer squad who also doubled as the Son of the Notorious Magaji Nda, Alhaji Salihu Woru, a self appointed spokes person of the Ilorin Emirate Magajis who is currently on suspension was placed on level 16 pay, while others are between level 10 and 16.

The suspects also confessed to the monthly stipend being paid to them by the Office of the Senate President, including the Toyota Corolla shared to them by Bukola Saraki few months ago.
The Killers Also confessed that the Toyota Corolla gift to them by Bukola Saraki is to motivate them in preparation for the 2019 Elections.

On the list to eliminate before the election is the two Mustapha’s, Kayode Oyin, Yinka Aluko, Baba Rex, and One Mr Ogunlowo.

The source in the Police confirmed that the statement of account retrieved from the killers confirmed the monthly alert from Saraki and Kwara State Government. Most of them have millions of Naira as their Balance.

Following their confession, Bukola Saraki and Governor Fatahi Ahmed tried to put pressure on the Commissioner of Police using Director of Prosecution Mr Mumini who is known to be a notorious corrupt Officer in the Ministry of Justice. Money Inducement to sweep the case under the carpet was also extended to the CP, the offer which the Police rejected, that prompted the urgent transfer of the Killers to Abuja this morning.

Police may invite Bukola Saraki and Governor Fatahi Ahmed soonest, although the two has since been looking for a way to blackmail the Inspector General of Police.

Credit: Geri Alimi

Details Later.

As I said earlier, if you have nothing to fear, why worried about criminals arrest and investigation.

We are waiting for further investigation…..

This will not be swept under the carpet as the usual case we hope!!!

Ola Shamsuldeen Adeniji
Cups Director

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