It is always a fulfilling experience for teachers and parents to see their pupils and children perform excellently in both academics and co-curricular activities.

Othniel, his friends and Andrew Towse of St John’s College

This is an exclusive story of Othniel Ameh, a grade 4 student of Raberto Schools, Abuja who spoke to the media team of, about his incredible experience as he enrolled  on the Exchange Taster Program with St Johns College in the United Kingdom.

Othniel Ameh who is also a young soccer enthusiast said he had an amazing and unforgettable experience learning in a new environment while he attended St Johns College Junior School in Portsmouth.

“It was really an amazing experience and I learnt a lot. It was so much fun I wanted to stay  back. I learnt about other sports like hockey and rugby, which was a new experience for me”

“The pupils and teachers were very friendly and I made new British friends although l was the only African in my class. The pupils were really nice to me and I also treated everyone with respect which is one of our core values in Raberto” he stated.

Othniel added that there were some similarities and differences with regards to the teaching and classroom structure compared to what he was used to in Nigeria.

Othniel and his St Johns College counterparts on the pitch during soccer class

“We did lots of classroom activities, no homework or extra lesson while I was there. They did subjects like history and geography, and Saturday was for sports and other activities. I am so happy my parents supported my dream and I had this great experience through Raberto School” he echoed in excitement.

The Exchange Taster Program, according to Dr Stella Adagiri, Executive Director, Raberto Schools Abuja is a special programme designed to help develop the links with schools in other countries and Raberto Schools to enable learning across cultures for both students and teachers.

Othniel and one of the teacher of St John’s College, UK

She added that this programme was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the frontline Educational Consultancy, Portsbridge Educational Services which was established in the United Kingdom and has now emerged in Nigeria.

“Portsbridge has helped to develop teachers to acquire more training and school placement opportunities  abroad so as to keep abreast with the international best practices and current developments in teaching and learning ” she stated.

She further described the benefits of Exchange Taster Program as enormous and crucial to facilitating better learning experiences for not only Raberto Schools and its students but for other schools in Nigeria to take advantage of.

Othniel’s mother, Mrs Joy Ameh, who was excited said she was happy she took advantage of the opportunity and has found so much fulfilment for enrolling her son into Raberto School, Abuja.

“When l told Dr Stella Adagiri I would like my son to have some experience in a UK school especially with his interest in Sport. I was excited when she told me about the exchange taster program with St Johns College. Initially was sceptical because Othniel was in Grade 4 but luckily, she was able to arrange a slot for him in the Junior School and also to play with a football team in Portsmouth” she explained

Othniels having fun learning new subjects in the UK

She added that Othniel was initially nervous on the first day, but I encouraged him to believe in himself and be confident.  He ended up making lots of friends and became very famous in the short time he spent there.

“In terms of his academic ability my son coped very well. He actually was placed in year 5 instead of 4, yet he was above average. I am so pleased with the standard and quality of education in Raberto School ’’ she affirmed.

Mrs Ameh while commending the dedication of RABERTO School said that the teachers are so committed and often show much concern about the general wellbeing and academic development of the students which is evident in her son.

“One of my friends in the UK was compelled to ask about the school my son was attending in Nigeria, and she really appreciated the excellent work and standard of Raberto School” she said.

Mr David Ameh, added that as parents they are committed to ensuring that they support and encourage their children in fulfilling their dreams and academic pursuit whilst exposing them to opportunities like the exchange taster program. We look forward to more of such opportunities.

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