May 20, 2017

The spate of insecurity in the FCT has become worrisome given the poor and dilapidating infrastructure and lack of lit street lamps that has made night driving a horrendous experience in most parts. The daily menace of snatching of properties, stabbing, rape and armed robbery has become unbearable and residents live in fear of who the next target could be.

Just last night, an Abuja based blogger Kevin Fyneface escaped death narrowly with a Youth corps member, Sunday Joseph on their way from Maitama having attended an Album Launch event by Dr. Paul Oluikpe. They were waylaid, stabbed and robbed just after Mabushi flyover, before Berger round-about in Abuja.

They had parked briefly to ascertain a fault in their car just a few minutes after 9pm when hoodlums brandishing knives jumped at them from the shadows, stabbed them, and in the struggle took away valuables including an Invicta Wristwatch, an iPad with sim 08044518124 ntel line, a tablet, phones with MTN sim 07031632950 and a small bag.

In the frenzy of the deep cut and having fought to save their lives, the victims made a quick call with another phone the bandits couldn’t take to Police Hotlines but couldn’t get help. They approached a police patrol at Fruit market in Maitama but were declined help. They drove back to Berger outpost to report the incident to the police but were referred instead to the divisional headquarters.

At this point, they made their way to Dr. Hassan Hospital in Maitama to get treated since they had been bleeding all along. They were treated and their several wounds stitched.

The blogger Kevin, explained that his own cut was deep and in his words “I thank God for courage to fight back, it would have been worse. The doctor explained that the deep cut is around my scapula so I cannot engage in any strenuous activity”.

When asked if he could recognize the robbers, he explained that “their heights were about 1.7m and 1.56m, dark skinned.

One with a green blue and white polo shirt about 1.71m in height came to assess us first before the other 2 robbers rushed in on us.”

Residents have agreed that those areas are high risks and the presence of police patrols notwithstanding.

With this incident, we call on the FCT ministry and the Federal government to provide more security and a more equipped police force to combat crime and save lives of citizens.

Bloggers in Abuja

By Dotun Roy

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