• Thu. Sep 29th, 2022


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#MakeNaijaStronger: ONE advocates 1% of Nigeria’s 2017 Budget for Healthcare to reduce poverty

ONE, an international campaigning and advocacy organisation of more than 7 million people taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease has been advocating for one percent of Nigeria’s 2017 Budget for improved healthcare service delivery so as to reduce poverty.

According to Edwin Ikuhoria, Regional Coordinator, ONE Campaign, ‘the state of our healthcare which ought to be an important aspect of economic development is currently in shambles due to low investment and outright neglect on the part of the major stakeholders particularly our policy makers.

‘Thousands of children die every day and more than 58,000 children contract HIV/AIDS from their parents every year in Nigeria’ he explained.proxy

Ikuhoria added that the fight against poverty in the land may never yield any positive result if other essentials such as improved and better healthcare service delivery for the citizens is not put among the top priorities by the decision makers.

“We can reduce poverty by 20% if our healthcare system is improved upon, this way those who live below poverty line will not need to spend extra treating themselves thereby focusing on other basic necessities for better living conditions” he affirmed.

He therefore urged the government to give adequate consideration to improved healthcare service delivery in the 2017 National Budget.