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    The Cyber-Subconscious Propinquity Effect and the Mark Zuckerberg Visit to Nigeria — By Ebube George Ebisike

     Dear Global Citizens,

    Permit me to express that just as the propinquity dimension requiring physical confinement, that networks neuropath-ways amongst humans which aids to establish emotional connections that can be termed as either cordial, antagonistic, erotic etc. The above is showcased in the “Big Brother” show which is in itself an experiment with every season we watch.

    This therefore brings us to the subject matter of Cyber-Subconscious Propinquity Effect, which is the neuropath-way and mental habitation of a set of thinking assets (humans and ICT systems) whom ferment a bond based on cyberspace encounters and deploying subconscious interaction in a measure that evolves diverse, differential and integral connections.

    A perfect example are groups we join online and on social media platforms such as the unique “Hexavian Business Club” where the league of Nigeria’s young thinkers collude, conflict and connect, discussing uni & multi-dimensional issues, concepts, subject matters, quandarys, methodologies and processes.

    The Cyber-Subconscious Effect is an infotech occurrence that has its place in facets that have and continue to impact us all. Its also at the heart of the Facebooking culture, Twitter rave, Instagram mania and entire Social Media Metanundrum.

    Furthermore, I saw the Mark Zuckerberg video, where before a capacity crowd of techies, enthusiasts the media and any other fringe groups, he answered questions and explained his feeling of the “energy” in Lagos and Nigeria. He talked about the future of WhatsApp, the drive for affordable internet, the need and workings of an engineer’s mind, Nollywood, motivation cum the power of the entrepreneurial spirit and the surging drive for innovation amongst other 4D details.

    The questioning from the audience was reasonably robust but had a measure of range anxiety as I wished someone would have asked Mark to explain his collaboration with renown cosmologist Dr. Stephen Hawkings, Russian scientist and fellow billionaire entrepreneur Yuri Milner to develop high speed light-driven nano crafts and to lay the foundations for an eventual voyage to Alpha Centuri! By deploying “Breakthrough Starshot” a hundred million dollar research and engineering effort.

    Nigeria sure does have an important contributory role to play in a revolutionary project of this genre for the holistic advancement of space science and technology globally and in Africa. There is a need and effect by following such an accelerating space and tech project which would in its own measure help develop us into a first world country as we approach the future which is already here.

    Mark also mentioned, that Facebook would be launching a satellite soon, the question is, is the satellite a quantum satellite? This is especially because China has set the stage for an expanded capacity for data teleportation and to carry out ultra-secure quantum communication by transmitting uncrackable keys from space to the ground and over distances of 1200km. China on August 16th,2016 launched the first Quantum Satellite into space. This has grand astronomical, military, weapons development and defence implications, offshoots as well as it sustains and substantiates the global (media) rhetoric that China is building up robust military might especially in the disputed South China Sea region.

    The outcome of the judgement on this major commercial strip of water have left controversy, diplomatic attrition and military flexing at the heart of global governance ruffling economics and trade. And this is the rare mark of a futurist President in H.E Xi JinPing and his distinct legacy with manning China’s leadership.

    President Barack Obama has expressed the stand of the American people as we await the unfoldings of the G20 Meetings in China which will be a tipping point for new as much as existing geo-political subject matters as also trade, Syria, North Korea et al.

    Nigerians in totality must all, search and collectively choose via the ballot those whom are within the realm of intelligence and ethnic selflessness, ready to lead us to a palpable futuristic national fortune. Someone capable of appraising, defining and pushing for policy direction and action-able impact investments in infrastructure, space and holistic socio-economic growth.

    Ebube George in the middle after an interview in a Radio Station in Abuja

    Mark Zuckerberg as well as Bas Lansdorp are candidates for the continents first #SpaceUpAfrica UnConference without a doubt! Space is very strategically important to Nigeria’s expansive growth in the near future. And I will send the formal invitations to Bas and @finkd soonest! We hope Mark accepts to be there. Furthermore, I also wondered his views on the recent breaking news of the EU ruling for Apple to pay Ireland over $14Billion dollars in taxes.

    The “Double Irish (DI) and Dutch Sandwich+DI” play are tax manoeuvres perfected by silicon valley firms. It would be funny for the thought to cross us that foreign tech firms operating in Africa have been lagging in tax terms…….please do permit my musing!    Mark’s visit to the Lagos CCHUB and other places is a very welcome development especially when viewed from the fact that it was just afew days after seeing and presenting the gift of Acula to the  the Pontif at the Vatican.

    This visit is a memorable gift to the youth of Nigeria, especially its tech community and fringe citizen science movement, which my clan and I seek to formally awaken! This visit comes at a time the RIO2016 outing was disappointing and seems to define our youth and human capacity as may have been depicted in her past thursday weekly piece in the PUNCH Newspaper by Abimbola Adelakun as some sort of flawed machinery in spite of the robust and resilient Nigerian demographic.

    It is further noteworthy to share that a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded several hours ago during a pre-launch test at Cape Canaveral Launch Pad 40. This unfortunate explosion occurred during preparations for a test of the rocket two days before its scheduled launch to place the AMOS-6 communications satellite into orbit. AMOS-6 was built by Israel Aerospace Industries and was already attached to the rocket and was also destroyed. Facebook was one of the customers planning to use the satellite, and this is what Mark Zuckerberg was talking about at the Lagos event. We thank him for his pledge to support IT, Startups and entrepreneurial growth in Nigeria and Africa. Mark and Elon Musk we commiserate with you on this temporary setback with the Space-X Falcon 9 rocket explosion!

    We pledge that we stand by you in every measure of technological pursuits for the advancement of our species and in the space faring quest. A video of the explosion can be viewed on YouTube showing the extensive damage. Its good to know no one was at the pad and therefore no injuries were recorded.     Permit me to add that it is important that Nigerians just as happened in Japan need to push government to invest in science and technology as an imperative. Most of all we need to press for the enactment by the Presidency and National Assembly of a “Science and Technology Basic Law”.

    The total expenditure based on this package will be adequately budgeted for based on the UN standard will see 60% of the funds used for development and the remainder used for indigenous applied research and basic research. The results for Japan were remarkable and that by 2005 there were 790,932 researchers active in Japan with approximately 57.6% working in corporations. This is an example of a diversification plan and deliberate policy direction that have gameconomical benefits for our nation. Nigeria needs to attain a competitive technology trade balance which is a measure of a country’s R&D and technology capability.

    In fiscal 2004 Japan recorded a record high technology-trade surplus at ¥1,202billion, with receipts exceeding payments by a factor of 3.12. By far its greatest surplus was in the transportation equipment industry. We have every need and responsibility as a genuinely progressive people to ensure that this country and the Africa continent meet its quota to contribute to global technological advancement. There’s no room for this inherited retrogression any further. It is time the continent’s citizen youth take the future by the reigns, pledge and leave a monumental mark of excellence for the next generation to build upon no matter the gruelling challenge and dearing adversity.

    Ebisike Ebube George is an Engineer, a Scientist, innovator, Futurist and the Creative Director of the NIGERIA Eco-Racing Team 2015, inventors of 9JABOLT Solar Car project. 

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