He’s just like every other beggarly Almajiris that you would find anywhere in Nigeria. I mean anyone would have overlooked him in his filthy and torn shirt walking barefooted with plate in his hands searching for whom ever cares to either drop coins or masa (corncake). But beyond all these deprivation, small Yusuf still hopes to become the Governor of Kebbi State someday, when he grows up.

Yusuf is a 6yr old boy  from a village called Giwa tazo in Jega local govt area of Kebbi State.

When asked about his life and why he’s in Argungu for Almajiranci (street-begging kids), Yusuf said “my parent sent me here to study Qur’an from Mallam Abdullahi”

‘I do not enjoy studying Quran here, because sometimes no food to eat and I don’t know how to source for money to buy food, and you have to trek down to town begging for food from house to house, in fact at every corner, Today I thank Almighty Allah to have met you, you gave me food and this clean water to drink, Nagode, he alluded.

When asked how he got the school uniform he puts on, he expalined that initially, he had wanted his father to send him to primary school but he refused me saying he could only afford to send me to Tsangayya school to acquire Qur’anic education. “But me I love to go primary school for Western education, so that I will become Governor of Kebbi State, that is why I keep wearing school uniform everywhere i go”, he affirmed in Hausa Language.  #SayNoToAlmajiri

Bachaka and Yusuf interacting

By Dotun Roy

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