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    INVITATION: Suitably qualified consultants are invited to submit proposals to undertake a detailed analysis of the budget lines to the Agriculture sector in the last three years benchmarking the same against commitments of the Federal Government of Nigeria to its citizens, statutory and multilateral frameworks.

    LOCATION: Nigeria
    START DATE: May 2, 2016
    RESEARCH DURATION: 3 weeks (21 days)

    About ONE
    ONE is a campaign and advocacy organisation backed by almost seven million people from around the world who are committed to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. We also work with leaders in Africa to advocate for increased public financial resources towards agriculture and the health sector as key for poverty reduction efforts and we promote reforms that lead to greater transparency and accountability in the management of public budgets in Africa.

    ONE Nigeria 2016 Agricultural Advocacy Goal
    To campaign for increasing the quality and quantity of domestic resources allocated to the Agriculture sectors of the Federal government of Nigeria and the States governments of Lagos and Kano (in the long run) in line with the AU Malabo Declaration and the 2015 AU Johannesburg women’s commitments.

    Purpose and Objectives of this analysis
    To review the extent to which the level of resource allocation to the agriculture ministry and programs complies with the AU 2014 Malabo Commitments, the 2015 AU Johannesburg women’s commitments and other statutory targets.
    To review the extent to which budget priorities and patterns of public expenditure in agriculture are conducive to meet the said targets and the most pressing agriculture needs.
    To suggest what the budgetary implications would be to bring federal agriculture budgets to the investments levels needed and committed to and to suggest which budget increases could be reasonably expected to at least start closing the gap.
    To compare resource allocation trends and prioritisation/under-prioritisation of key agricultural issues and targets with regional peers.
    The recommendations will indicate ways in which the budget in the future can be made more responsive to current needs in the agriculture sector and ensure that greater effectiveness, equity and efficiency in agricultural expenditure is achieved.

    Specific criteria of the consultant
    Advanced degree in public finance, social policy or public financial management
    Expert knowledge analysing agriculture budgets in Nigeria.
    Familiarity with the Nigeria public policy, budget process and public financial management context
    Proven experience in conducting budget analysis in agriculture
    Excellent analytical skills and experience in quantitative analysis
    Excellent English writing skills

    Selection process
    Selection will be made by inviting interested candidates to submit their application containing:
    Curriculum Vitae
    Technical proposals containing work plan and methodology
    Confirmed availability for the completion of the job
    Financial proposal including daily rate.

    For a detailed Terms of Reference for the assignment please send an email to africa.one.org@one.org.
    For any additional questions please send your emails to africa.one.org@one.org not later than 12pm on the 11th of April 2016.

    Closing date for submissions is 15 April 2016.

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