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    COP 21: Nigeria’s Intervention at the Final Meeting of the Paris Committee to Adopt the Agreement on 12th December 2015

    As  COP 21 is coming to a close in Paris, Head of Nigerian Delegates, Hon, Minister Amina J Mohammed has made an intervention at the final meeting. Read the intervention below:


    Mr. President,

    Excellencies, ladies and Gentlemen

    I congratulate us all on the Paris Agreement, our collective effort to meet the expectations of those outside this hall

    We support the statements of G77&China and of the Africa Group.


    On behalf of Nigeria, I would like to thank you and the French Presidency, sincerely for your tireless efforts and wise steer in getting this far. Achieving the consensus of 196 Parties sitting around the table is a monumental task and we want to thank you for the exemplary leadership role you have played. We also want to acknowledge the efforts of Laurance Tubiana, who built bridges with the skills needed to build the trust needed to succeed.


    We would like to acknowledge and thank the Secretary General and his team for the commitment, passion and millions of miles covered in facilitating a common cause.  Mr. SG you have now completed your 3 in one actions for 2015 (SDGs, AAAA, COP21) thus cementing your legacy for sustainable development.


    I would like to applaud UNFCCC and its able, dynamic leadership of Christine Figueres and her team for ensuring we all stayed on track for this historic moment


    I thank all the people and civil societies in Nigeria, Africa and the world over for keeping our feet to the fire.


    I applaud the inputs from Business the Paul Polman’s and Peter Bakkers of this world, academia, Nick Stern and Jeff Sachs among many and our parliamentarians for engaging in this global endeavor and contributing to its ambition. They will be key to implementation.


    Mr President

    On Monday I quoted Madiba, who said”It always seems impossible until its done”

    Today, on my son’s 16th birthday, I believe we can say “its done” as we commit to his generations future.

    We have agreed the Paris Agreement, a global agenda for all peoples especially the most vulnerable


    Mr. President

    Nigeria takes away many things in this agreement but like others, we would wish all our wants were addressed.

    The Convention has long recognized the place of Africa and its special needs.  Africa’s vulnerability is complex and at the core of many of the challenges we face in the world today. It is a region full of promise, yet extreme poverty, inequality conflicts, forced migration are all exacerbated  by climate change and inaction.  It is regrettable that this has not been given the requisite attention Africa deserves.


    However, we acknowledge today, that the world stands in a much better place for future generations because of this historic Agreement.  We welcome your commitment to addressing Africa’s concerns going forward.

    Mr. President, in this agreement;

    We have agreed to work towards holding the temp rise to 1.5 degrees and the long term goal

    We have agreed that the $100b pa commitment be the floor and not the ceiling thereby sending the right signals to the financial markets and business.

    We have found the balance between adaptation and mitigation efforts

    We have agreed to more transparency in reporting.

    In the final analysis, we have agreed to work towards a world that gives every one a life of dignity.

    Therefore, Mr President, as we leave these halls, we must do even more to ensure we implement our commitments thus truly making a difference in peoples lives.

    It will also be about the genuine partnerships we forge that will demonstrate that our agreement has moved from words to one of climate justice and action on the ground especially in for our women, children and the youth.

    Nigeria stands ready with its INDC and the SDGs in hand to play its part in ensuring our people and planet will be saved for future generations.

    Let us all savor the bitter sweet moment of this success and then get to work!

    Mr, President

    I thank you and wish you a good nights sleep!

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