Mrs Tayo, Executive Director Tabitha Cumi Foundation
Mrs Tayo, Executive Director Tabitha Cumi Foundation


Mrs Omokhide, Programme Officer, Tabitha Cumi Foundation
Mrs Omokhide, Programme Officer, Tabitha Cumi Foundation


To mark 2015, United Nations International Day of the Girl with the theme “The Power of the Adolescent Girl Vision”, Tabitha Cumi Foundation has organised special support programme for the rural adolescent girls in Dei-Dei-Jibi community, a popular surbub of the Federal Capital Territorty Abuja.

Tabitha Cumi Foundation in collaboration with Australia Aid has been on the vanguard of supporting and empowering girls in the rural communities such as jikoko, Ushafa, Durumi, among others with in the Federal Capital Territory have benefited from its several programmes under its Girls Safety Initiative Campaign launched early this year.
According to the Executive Director, Mrs Tayo Irinle she said, Many rural communities suffer from lack of basic amenities such roads, bridges, transportation, safe drinking water, basic sanitation and hygiene, school and learning centres as well as electricity supply amongst other these are major challenges these young girl face on daily basis. She also expressed her concern on the fact that these rural adolescent girls within these communities have been partially neglected by the government.
“One of our objectives in Tabitha Cumi Foundation is working to ensure that these  young adolescents girls in the rural communities acquire basic education and skills, so that they do not end up such as their parents in the same community thereby becoming self reliant, and be useful to their immediate society” she alluded.

Mrs Omokhide Chikodi Programme Officer,  Tabitha Cumi Foundation, who spoke to our correspondent, she believes these girl can still have better future regardless of where they live or what they have been through in life.  “I see great women in these adolescent girls in the rural communities, who, if given necessary support and attention by the government and individuals they would end as global leaders in the near future.


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