To mark Nigeria’s 55th Independence Anniversary, New Nigeria Agenda (NNA) has organised a Press Conference in Abuja yesterday 29th September. “NNA is a non-governmental Organisation that has been in existence for more than seven years now, since 2007, back in our university days with the overall objectives of stamping out corruption, values creating and value re-orientation for the Nigerian youths as well as promoting good governance” said Engr Phil Roberts, National Coordinator, NNA

He further added that NNA has been working relentlessly, collaborating with other local and international Civil Society Organisations partners through its various campaign programmes to intensify the war against corrupt practices in both public and private sectors in Nigeria. The war against corruption should be one responsibility of every Nigerian who desire a change and honest and responsive governance at all levels of government in the country. Engr Phil who is also Team Lead for Support A Camp Project, a popular humanitarian platform providing succour for the Internally Displaced Persons in Abuja, expressed his disappointment over the mistreatment melted out on the Senate President, Bukola Saraki by the unseen hands seeking his downfall and leveraging on our faulty criminal justice system as a major cover up. “To effectively tackle corruption we need to start with our judiciary, there must also be aggressive sanctions against any of them found guilty of being manipulated politically” he alluded.

Mr Tony, National Publicity Secretary, NNA who spoke extensively at Press Conference on major erroneous notions and frequent misconceptions around corrupt practices that only the public officials have the tendencies to be corrupt, said corruption cut across all strata even at the grassroots and least expected places such as religious setting. He further said our value system as a nation has been the major reason behind ‘get-rich or die trying’ attitude of young Nigerians which recent findings has shown is the root cause of corrupt practices and other forms of malpractices cutting across board. “One of the major goals of NNA is to correct all manners of misconception around what we call corruption practices: if you take or receive bribe you are corrupt;  As a parent if you buy results for your wards or kids you are a corrupt parent, if you influence contract or give bribe to get a contract from public office or organisation you are equally corrupt” he alluded.

According to Transparency International Corruption Perception Index 2014 ranked Nigeria amongst the 15 most corruption nations, in order words, we are currently rated among the countries that are least transparent with Afghanistan taking the leading position, therefore it is imperative for us as young people to rise up by taking initiatives such as NNA to remove our dear nation from the quagmire that has caused this blacklisting” said Mr Oladotun, Social Media Director, NNA.



Engr Phil Roberts in the Middle with participants
Engr Phil Roberts in the Middle with participants


By Dotun Roy

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