This story is quite fresh. It is a must-read one as it concerns you and I to stand up and defend the rights of the defenceless!

Read and Watch the video below:

This is the story of a 13yr old, raped by 4 men in Michika, Adamawa State, NorthEastern Nigeria. One thing that worries me a lot is the fact she’s had to pay over 50k in the quest for justice. Mostly for police to test her rapists for HIV, a vehicle to be hired for police to transfer the rapists from Michika to Yola, pay money to armed police escorting the rapists to Yola, her treatment in the local dispensary in Michika.

This is a realistic insight to what rape victims in Nigeria face. Many do not report because they cannot afford such expenses. What is the function of government, if raped kids have to raise such money to indicate they are serious in getting justice? This is even a child in a outside her state’s capital (where infrastructure are usually most available).

Why can police not independently handle cases? When their investigative processes are paid for by the public, justice then becomes available, only to the rich (guilty or not). This cannot continue this way! This happened less than a week ago.

Watch “#MichikaRape” on YouTube –

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