• Fri. Sep 30th, 2022


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Newsflash: Beware of Impostors in PMAN!!!


All registered members and intending members of PMAN are sternly advised to  steer clear and heed not to this attempt to create a faction in the state chapters by imposters as the law will not spare anyone as no one is above it.

Be informed that the federal government of Nigeria ,through the ministry of labor and productivity has dissolved any leadership of PMAN at the national level therefore anyone found parading as the union’s president or does so at his / her own peril while those who affiliate themselves with such a move will be considered by as participating in anti Union activities.

The FCT chapter and all other chapters of PMAN remain intact and according to union constitution  cannot be dissolved by a president but duely by tenure expiration of 4yrs, renewable through election.

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