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When it has got to the point that someone whom is expected to conduct his or herself with some respect, loses his or her temper in the public place right in the presence of top dignitaries then one should know that, a whole lot is truly wrong with our polity as a nation.

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When a Minister Federal of Republic of Nigeria whom by all standards should be a role model to lots of younger persons goofed and opt for verbal attacks on younger persons; who have determined to tow a different path particularly in safeguarding the interest of the masses and making sure what is generally meant for the public, should be given to them without any form struggle or agitation.

This sort of verbal attacks were directed at Follow the Money Team Lead Hamzat Lawal today at the official launching of Clean Cook Stoves at Aso Villa by no other person than outgoing Minister of Environment, Laurentia Mallam was uncalled for. Well I could use the word “outgoing” because it is only a matter few days, the current Federal Executive Council as whole would become history.

Evidently, I wouldn’t say this story is an impromptu one because I saw it coming since Madam Minister has been making awkward remarks about the reports and social media contributions from Follow the Money Team. However, anyone who has ever come across Follow the Money Team, would know that they will never keep quiet and treat such matter as trivial or lick their wounds and run into hide. Honestly, I personally feel really disappointed at the cold reaction of Madam towards what the Follow the Money is doing. Such defensive reaction deeply speaks volume of what Nigerian masses have had to put up with in the last 5 years of this Administration. “Do you think only you can save this country” that was a statement from our Madam Minister directed to Hamzat of Follow the Money. How sad!  Madam Minister keep forgetting one thing that the change starts with one person and others follow!

I had expected her to embrace and encourage the team and even wish them well but on the contrary she decided reeled out a show of embarrassment instead of providing straight answer to the questions directed to her by the Follow the Team Lead.

At least by now, Follow the money Team must have been known by all concerned Nigerians that they are not just group of noise making young Nigerians. And that they have not only taken it upon themselves to stand for what is right but also to defend and protect the rights of the voiceless and the marginalised through their various Transparency and Accountability projects under Follow the Money since 2012.

With such a rare dedication coming from these young Nigerians, the future of Nigeria as a country, with bad history of corruption, graft, faulty policies in the polity as well as mismanagement of public funds on the part of those that are expected to be the crusaders of good governance for speedy national development is indeed bright.

Nevertheless, Follow the Money will never stop. Follow the Money believe in Nigeria. They will not be cowed in the fight against graft and corruption particularly in public sector and to see transparency and accountability entrenched both in public and private sectors in Nigeria. We believe Nigeria will only be great nation if only we can work together  in stamping out corruption in our society.

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