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The Nigerian Political Parties Discussion Series (NPPDS), an initiative of Centre For Democracy and Development (CDD) has featured two leading Political party in Nigeria contending for presidential seat in another debate on how to tackle the trend of poor generation, distribution and consumption of power in Nigeria. The debate which is geared towards giving the citizens the highlights of content of their manifestos for 2015 election in Nigeria.

Representing PDP at the Inter-party Debate today 19th March in Abuja was Dr Sam Amadi, while Alhaji Lai Mohammed, National Publicity Secretary represented APC. Both parties dicussing and argued pros and cons of improving Power supply in Nigeria, critical issues in generation and distribution of power nationwide.

“PDP has always been consistent in policy reforms, by getting private sectors to participate through commercialisation” said  Dr Sam Amadi during the debate. He further added that the essence of PDP consistent policy reform is to create a future of energy security through energy investment and sustainability through private sector-led investments”.

Representatives of both parties at the Debate
Representatives of both parties at the Debate

On the part APC, Lai Mohammed, said “we in the APC, we can assure you that where others have failed we will succeeed, we have started to assemble best experts in the power sector across the world to deliver excellent services. In the last 15 months, private sector has been in the control of power sector, and in the 15 months power has been in poorly distributed and generated in Nigeria, he affirmed. He alluded further that the current government has made lots of capital mistakes in the implementation of several power projects, first in the area of income revenue generation which has been relatively low, one of which is recently slashed tarrif in the power industry.


To counter the statement Lai Mohameed, Dr Sam Amadi said “nowhere in the world, you would have consistent capacity growth particularly in an industry like power sector through public finance”

Imoni Amarere of Daar Communication who was the anchor at the debate, asked in one of his questions about their plans on Alternative Energy, Dr Sam said already there is policy to harness renewable energies such as solar, goe-thermal, wind as well as nuclear power.

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