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In as much as I always try to avoid the use of negative words and headings for any of my write up/article, and even the use of aggressive tone is not in my style of writing, but I couldn’t just help it, than to use the above title for this article. That was after I have exhausted all options when coining the title for this article. Although, lately few people who have been following my articles have indirectly whined of my harsh and aggressive tone which were not part of my style of writing. I wouldn’t want them to blame me that much, perhaps it is the political and economic situation around me and every Nigerian that has caused it.

How do I even explain it? should I say political tension that metamophosed into economic tension or economic tension gave birth to political tension. But which ever way we would like put it, there is tension everywhere in the country. It sounds raw, but truth must be told. As a matter of fact, using this title for my article perhaps would help jolt everyone from our slumber back to reality of things in the nation.


Which one should I begin with? the electioneering and election or austerity measures that we must all adopt, or the fall of Naira to other currencies of the world, or Boko Haram threats of fire and brimstone, or 300 days of missing Chibok girls that are yet to be found, or Over 2000 Permanent Voters’ Cards that were stolen in one of the South South States and lack of PVC for eligible voters or the Father of them all, “Postponement of the much talked about 2015 General Election or should I even call it extension of the current administration by Six weeks, I think the latter explains it better.

So much to talk about, however I would begin with postponement of February election to March. The reason being that it is the determinant of everything because as long as we claim to be running a democratic society as a nation, then election will continue to play a pivotal role in determining who deserves the mantle. Now the postponement of the election has cause a lot of stir and raised concerns in different quarters as well as international communities. United States for Instance has expressed her disappointment through a letter which you and I know speaks volume of how disorganised the polity is, in the country at present. Which could be likened to that of a man who is sitting on a keg of gunpowder and playing with matches.

To me as an individual, a Nigerian, and Patriotic one at that, I personally feel the postponement is like postponing the doomsday, forgive me again if I’m harsh. Nigeria as a nation has got so much on its plate already. And the best way to handle this, is by decongesting them as soon as possible not piling them up like dirty clothes for laundry. We are facing serious security challenges, our borders with other neighbouring African States such as Chad, Niger and even Cameroon seemed to be on fire on daily basis with Boko Haram tension. Economic downturn has finally hit us hard like a big blow and had our face flat on the ground yakata!!

Though I’m not a prophet of Doom, but what I foresee in the coming months may be too tough for our dear country to handle in term of economic crisis such that we have never experienced before, because already Dollar’s exchange rate to Naira has hit 208 to $1, UK £Pound is above 300, say 305, then Euro too cannot never remain at the same spot. We all know what this portends is more than just danger! Now if we are yet indecisive as to who takes on the Presidential Mantle then how soon do we think Nigeria could solve these problems.

The issues on ground now are not whether, when Party with Umbrella gets there it will cover the country with its Umbrella or When the party with broom gets there, they will sweep out debris, No! It is about joining forces to save our dear country from looming dangers of great economic crisis. We should remember that economies of so many African states are indirectly depend on Nigeria, being the largest Market in Africa particularly that of those on the West Coast. In other words, when Nigeria is badly hit, the ripple effects could be disastrous.

I am using this article to reach out to everyone to keep remembering Nigeria in prayers and supplications, be it in the corners of your rooms or their various places of worship. Nigeria is a great Nation with Great future ahead, perhaps that’s why she has to confront challenges so numerous as these, since her independence as a sovereign state in the 60s. Although, these challenges are surmountable, however, all hands must be on deck, we should not assume and leave everything to the politicians alone and stand aloof. You and I are more concerned in these, because like a popular saying where two elephants fight grasses suffer!

By Dotun Roy is a development driven news website with the overall goal of amplifying, promoting and advocating for positive societal change through Sustainable Development advocacy in line with UN SDGs components such as education, environmental sustainability and Climate Change, Human Rights, health, finance, housing, good governance as well as security in Nigeria and across the world.

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