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Political aspirants are all gathering momentum as 2015 General election is fast approaching in the country. Evidently, all political aspirants at all levels of government from presidential, gubernatorial, senatorial candidates to local government chairman and even councillor are full of expectations of either victory or defeat. However, in the midst of these political hullabaloo, the electorates are still the ones at the receiving end which always makes it a very tough decision to make, when picking whom to cast the only you have for particularly when we have powerful contenders in the corridors of power.

How do I mean by tough decision?, it is because such decision often end up determining the destinies of so many people, and by extension a whole nation. Voting for the right or wrong political aspirants/candidates during election always have far reaching consequences on both national and economic development of any society, state or nation.

Various factors have been identified as to why significant number of electorates vote for the incompetent candidates during elections. Some factors like nepotism, favoritism, greed, poverty, lack of information and education, federal characters syndrome, unpatriotism amongst others

All these hideous factors could become the thing of past, if only we can be sincere to one another and to this beloved nation, and make up our minds to vote for right candidates with right intentions and not for the wrong reasons, so that Nigeria can move from where it used to be, to where it ought to be. Together we can make vision 20 2020 a reality.

If you want better Nigeria come 2015 Post General election. Please follow this link below and take this opinion poll:

God Bless Nigeria.

By Dotun Roy

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