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Have we ever imagined the damage, anguish, pain and horror that group of hefty men would cause ravaging the body an innocent young woman, who probably might have never tasted “the forbidden Fruit” prior to such horrific attack! I tell you is quite unimaginable and sordid. Such damages often last for a lifetime. On several occasions I have wondered, what on earth would make a man wants to forcefully have carnal knowledge of a woman? When e no be food! Recent Medical science has embarked on several researches and findings triggered by frequent rape cases. These findings are on why would anyone descend so low, to the extent of sexually abusing, molesting and raping defenseless women? One clear outcome of the findings has proved that men who derive pleasure in violent sex are quiet close to psychotic patients, in other words they are gradually close to losing their minds.


In the last two decades, Civil Society Organisations in Nigeria, NGOs and various Women Groups across the globe have been on the vanguard in the campaign against rape and other form of violence against women. One of these NGOs is I Advocate Network.

According to Preston Obadan, Founder of I Advocate Network, he said, I Advocate Network is a sustainable development advocacy group that seeks to address abusive practices affecting infrastructural and human capital development through strategic campaigns and community capacity building in terms of activities, resources & support to strengthen the skill and abilities of people to take leading and participatory roles in community development with a focus on youth involvement.

Bearing in mind that human rights is an important factor in the achievement of sustainable development, we conduct human rights education/awareness campaigns as one of our community based activism among other contemporary areas of concern, he affirmed.

unnamed10626464_992343367458696_653130728833949260_nPreston Obadan, Founder, I Advocate Network

He further stated the Mission and Vision of this Network is to strengthen the skill and abilities of youths for participation in community development as well as to be a national voice for action towards the betterment of living standards.

He addded that the idea “Tape The Ape Not The Rape” is a conscious effort to break the silence on the horrific levels of sexual violence against women and children in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. Consequently considering that these crimes cages the full participation of victims in public affairs it poses a serious threat to socio-economic development. In his explanation, he mentioned that a survey recently conducted by Gallup involving approximately 1,000 adults each, in 18 countries shows that rape is a major problem in their countries.

Nearly all of those surveyed in sub-Saharan Africa (97%) say they think rapes should be reported to the police, but in reality, few rapes are — largely because of the social stigma — and those that are reported rarely lead to convictions.


Besides the psychological and physical damage they suffer and the possible health consequences (Pregnancy, STD’s and HIV), women who are raped also pay a high social cost. Husbands and families repudiate these women and send them away from the community. Gallup’s surveys find that, on average, more than three in four residents across sub-Saharan Africa believe life after rape can never be the same (more so among women, 79%, than among men, 73%).

Furthermore, most in sub-Saharan Africa see rape as a major problem in their respective countries, and one that changes victims’ lives forever. Although reporting rapes to police doesn’t happen that often in reality, there is a need for public support and for perpetrators to at least serve jail time for their crimes,thereby suggesting the culture of impunity could someday change.

This program seeks to garner public sentiments to intervene to stop and protect victims of sexual assault he added.

By Dotun Roy is a development driven news website with the overall goal of amplifying, promoting and advocating for positive societal change through Sustainable Development advocacy in line with UN SDGs components such as education, environmental sustainability and Climate Change, Human Rights, health, finance, housing, good governance as well as security in Nigeria and across the world.

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