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Today, 11 November 2014, President Jonathan would be making public declaration to run for the Second term in the office as the President of the Republic of Nigeria under the platform of the most powerful political party in Africa, Poeple’s Democratic Party (PDP) come 2015 General election in Abuja.

And for those prophets of doom who have been instilling unnecessary fear into others about how there would be serious traffic gridlock everywhere in Abuja. Well, I got to my office this morning without any delay nor hiccup. Before you begin to judge me, because I know people are quick to criticise, I am not in anyway trying to politicise my blog, at thesame time I cannot deny the fact that I am a democrat to the core. And as such I would always support any true democrat with good intentions like our President. Although he has been criticised at various quarters, in fact he has said it on several occasion that he has been the most criticised president this country has ever had.

However, before anything I would like to sympathise with the families of those secondary schools kids that was killed and injured in that horrendous suicide bombing attack in Pokistum,Yobe states yesterday. It indeed a very disheartening occurrence. May God grant their families the fortitude to bear the loss.

Sadly enough, a lot has been said concerning the said Pokistum suicide bombing that, it was the scheme of the detractors and anti-Jonathan squad to distract or stall his declaration today in Abuja from holding. But I would never believe such heresy because I do not see the connection. anyway lipsealed
Nevertheless, let us pause for a second and reason, when are we going accept the harsh realities of a true democratic society? I call them harsh realities because in every democratic setting/society there is always a time to pay the price for true democracy to thrive. We keep saying our democracy is still at nascent level. After 15 years of consistent democratic rule? Come to think of it, a 15 year old girl is no longer kid. So what are we talking about?

Some people criticise multi-party system that we currently operate in Nigeria yet when we were operating two-party system in the early 90s no tangible democratic success was recorded in the Nigeria. As a matter fact, it was messier than this. We need to wake up to these realities of true democracy, because as long as we keep avoiding it, the system will always be filled with charlatans who are in the politics for the bussiness aspect of it. The USA, UK and other famous G8 countries that we often use as model, have all paid this price in the past for the true democracy to thrive in their various countries.

For several decades, we were under the grip of military rule. I can still recollect how everything was militarised back then. I was among those kids that grew up thinking military way of doing things is the ultimate. Our psyches were virtually militarised. I remember how on children’s Day and Independence Day, all school children would all lined up and did match-past in front of Military Administrators/Governors in their various states and trust me I was always looking forward to such days while growing up.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not have anything against military. I am only trying to shed lights on how some of us have missed out in having to imbibe necessary sense of democracy at our formative years. This democratic sense is as crucial in creating a solid foundation for democratic tenets which would in turn help build a true democratic society.

I believe so much in this nation called Nigeria and I equally want every citizen of this great nation to support the success of the forthcoming General Election in 2015 as well as any other programme that is intended to move Nigeria to the next level. And now that we have a democratic rule, you have the power as an electorate to decide your destiny by giving that only vote of yours to the right candidate with good intentions for the masses.

By Dotun Roy

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