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In the world we live in today, it is not uncommon or should I say abnormal to desire to be rich. As a matter of fact, the world we live in today is replete of men and women with inordinate desires to get rich by all means. Like American Rapper 50 cent’s album title in the early 2000 ‘Get rich or die trying’ that is just the simple phrase that better describe the present situation of get rich at all cost; whatever it takes I must have this dough!

That is the reason why blood brothers will never agree to join bussiness because the word ‘integrity’ has been brutalised and no longer relevant. Likewise ‘Trust’ has been murdered and cremated long ago. It is only normal for the husbands want to be richer than their wives, so that they could provide the basic needs at home. However the present day competition is between husbands and their wives. Wives nowadays, if possible, would prefer being richer than their husbands so that they do not have to plead and beg before they get money for the upkeep. Friends would rather love to cheat and rip their friends off so as to get richer. Some so called Pastors too would prefer to be richer and wealthier than all the members of the church combined so as to command extraordinary respect and even become a demigod to the whole congregation. What a world of unhealthy competitions!

The ‘get rich’ syndrome is just everywhere. The other day I overheard someone saying it is a sign of endtime. Well, I didn’t say it is not, but this inordinate desire has always been there even before the time of my great grandfather but it was done in minimal and with some sense of moderation I guess.

Money is good but it is not everything. For instance, money cannot buy you happiness, cannot buy fulfilment in life either, same goes for successful marriage. Speaking of marriage, if money can buy outstanding marriage no celebrity or rich people would ever experience divorce or separation.

Ritual killing, strife, war, corruption, political instability, abduction and kidnap, terrorism, prostitution, drug trafficking and other social vices that have become order of the day in the world today has been attributed to excessive love for money. Bible has said it that, the love of money is the root of all evil. The irony is, the rich would always want to get richer, no amount of money is ever enough for the rich.

Nevertheless, tell me who doesn’t like money, even bible confirms money answereth all things in other words it makes the world go around Lol. However one should be careful how we go about becoming rich and be concerned more about being successful in life which is always the best.

This is actually what I intend to discuss here. Now many people do not know the distinction between being rich and being successful. There is a big difference between the two. Most people that I have come across have argued this subject with me on several occasions. It took me long before I realised the difference either. I have always thought once you have money or you are rich then you are successful. Sorry to burst your bubble, it’s not true. Being rich can only promote your spendings and enhance your purchasing power, make you popular and may be earn you some influence here and there. But being successful in life is much more than that. So how do we measure success?

Success in life is not measure by the amount of money that you have amassed over the course of time in your bank or that huge cash you stashed away from some treasury. No! I tell you without any fear of contradiction that you can be rich and not successful! Now your success in life is measured by the number of problems you provided solutions to and how you have been able to impact and transform lives through this. This may be in your immediate environment, in your place of work, in your chosen field of career and even beyond your country.

Countless times, I have listened to quite a number of successfully people saying that at the beginning of their career or endeavour being rich was never their priority but along the line money came looking for them and of course I always believe it. I believe it because I have realised that it takes passion to provide solution to identified problems, which is always the major drive for successful people.

The problem we have in this present time, is lack of focus among the youths particularly in this part of the world. They get carried away by mundane things which might fizzle out in no time and may never outlive them.
Listen you can be successful in any field of endeavour you find yourself. As long as you are doing what you are passionate about. I have heard people call their passions different names some would say it is ‘my ministry’ ‘my call’ ‘God given’ whatever name you give yours it doesn’t matter.

Do not just pursue money to become rich, which might grow wings and fly away one day rather work towards being a successful man, woman, husband, wife, nurse, doctor, architect, lawyer, singer, engineer, teacher, journalist and you will build a name and money will equally run after you and even remain with you and outlive you.

By Dotun Roy

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