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Youth and Today's Politics in the Third World

Dotun Roy It is quite reasonable and commendable that youth relegation in today’s politics is gradually becoming a thing of the past, particularly in the developed world (G7 nations) where so much confidence is now being place in the active youth participation in politics. Couple of days ago, I stumbled on a story about a Nigerian who might just end ...

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Power Tussle!

By Oladotun O. Fadeyiye Power is one thing every man desires. To be in control, to have the final say that no one dares question the decision. Yes, that is every man’s dream. Ironically, both the rich and the poor would love to be in control of power even if it is just for one minute of the 24 hours ...

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Bitter Politics: Nigerian Story

By Oladotun O. Fadeyiye It is no news that Nigeria’s democracy is not only at nascent level but also having undiagnosed teething troubles. Nigerians can only be optimistic as to what may happen next as regards to the survivability of democratic governance in the country. It is quite appalling that Nigerian political system is replete of charlatans and men who ...

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State of the Nationhood: After Five Decades

Another Independence Day celebration has come and gone in Nigeria. For five decades and three years we have consistently celebrated 1,October 1960, the day, the British Colonial Masters deemed it fit to leave us to take our destiny in our hands as a nation. The day our problems began as a nation. The day ethnic and tribal segregation started. The ...

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Insurgents, Terrorists or Cannibals?

For couple of days now, the gruesome killings of innocent students of College of Agriculture, Yobe State, Nigeria by these group of cannibals called Boko Haram Sect, that has been parading themselves under the pretext of ‘Jihad fighters or Freedom fighters’ or ‘God knows what’ has kept me wondering and pondering on which way to go for our dear nation, ...

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