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Bitter Politics: Nigerian Story

By Oladotun O. Fadeyiye It is no news that Nigeria’s democracy is not only at nascent level but also having undiagnosed teething troubles. Nigerians can only be optimistic as to what may happen next as regards to the survivability of democratic governance in the country. It is quite appalling that Nigerian political system is replete of charlatans and men who ...

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Let us fight against counterfeit and substandard products!

Every country has her own challenges with substandard goods and products, whether manufactured locally or imported, but that of Nigeria is in higher than usual dimensions. I made up my mind to do this blog, because of my own frequent encounter with substandard products. Picture this scenario, you have been using a particular body lotion for the past couple of ...

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State of the Nationhood: After Five Decades

Another Independence Day celebration has come and gone in Nigeria. For five decades and three years we have consistently celebrated 1,October 1960, the day, the British Colonial Masters deemed it fit to leave us to take our destiny in our hands as a nation. The day our problems began as a nation. The day ethnic and tribal segregation started. The ...

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Humanitarian and Humanity!

In the world today, News of conflicts, natural disasters, famine, drought and food crises and even war is gradually becoming part of our daily lives. It has been said by many religion leaders and experts that these are signs of end time. This could be true based on the prophecies from Holy Bible for Christian faithful which I happen to ...

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Few dos and don't of life!

Oladotun OF To be who are destined to be in life there are few dos and don’t of life: they are meant to guide you for outstanding success not to make you insignificant. Wearing a mask to impress others . – If the face you always show the world is a mask, someday there will be nothing beneath it. Because when ...

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Africa: Our Future!

World Peace Day was celebrated across the globe on Saturday 21 September, on same day, Westgate Shopping Mall, Nairobi, Kenya came under siege of Somalia’s Al Qaeda-linked Al-Shebab insurgents gunmen. These gunmen were said to have marched into the complex, firing grenades and automatic weapons and sending panicked shoppers fleeing, leaving 68 people dead and 175 people injured including children. ...

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Young, Talented and promising but….

Everyone knows death is inevitable, not even tiniest ant is spared when it comes to the issue of death. It is a debt every living creature hopes to pay someday, but unfortunately no one knows when he or she would be called to pay it or better put what it might cost to pay it. Nevertheless, It is often painful ...

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