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Youth Unemployment in the 21st Century: Way Forward

Oladotun OF The increase in the level of youth unemployment in africa and across the world, is not only worrisome but pathetic. The global unemployment rate among 15- to 24-year-olds was estimated at 12.6% in 2013, with 73 million people jobless worldwide, according to the International Labour Organization. Levels of informal employment among young people are soaring and youth are ...

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How to Avoid Conflicts in the Workplace?

By Oladotun Olumuyiwa F. Psychological climate in the team is one of the main criteria to which many job seekers pay attention when choosing the place of work. However, if financial and other details relating to the new position can be discussed during the preliminary conversation with the management or at the interview stage, the relationship of colleagues and working ...

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Fashion Malady

By Oladotun Olumuyiwa F. The world is fast changing into what I cannot explain. Things that were considered abnormal and weird in the time past are gradually becoming part of our daily lives. Ladies dressing in scanty outfit to social gathering, men wearing stuffs meant for ladies, older men turning into full-fledge pedophile overnight, chasing after teenage girl and even ...

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When dreams seem dead….

By Oladotun O. Fadeyiye One of the ways we can create and look into the kind of future we want is through our dreams. No, I am not referring to the dreams you do have when you sleep at night. Although, I have heard that God communicates to some people through such, in order to have the preview of future ...

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